SDCC 2013: Ender's Game, the Exhibit

By Luke Y. Thompson in Books, Movies
Friday, July 19, 2013 at 11:30 am


Some of you know Ender's Game the book; many more of you, I suspect, know Ender's Game the homophobic author controversy. I realize, however, that there are many of you simply unaware of the property at all, beyond it being a movie that's coming. This exhibit may give you a sense of it.

On a superficial level, Ender's Game has a lot of the same plot points as Harry Potter - an existential threat was defeated a generation ago, but there's a good chance it'll be back, so young children are prescreened early on to test their aptitude for battle, then trained in space to be ready for a presumed imminent threat.

The existential threat are aliens who were called "Buggers" in the first book; what's doubly hilarious given Orson Scott Card's personal obsessions is that he claims he didn't know the word already had a sexual meaning, and it was changed in subsequent books to "Formics."

This is the house of young protagonist Ender Wiggin:


Ender is recruited into Battle School by Col. Hyram Graff (Harrison Ford), who sees in him the potential to be whatever it is they call the Chosen One in this future. So off he goes on a shuttle...


Just like at Hogwarts, there are different "houses," all represented by animals.


Here is a sample of space barracks.


Here's a study room where they get briefed.


This is the video playing on the big screen:

Through the jump gate, you enter the zero-gravity combat simulator.


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