TARDIS Hockey Jersey Winner

By Luke Y. Thompson in Merchandise, TV
Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 4:00 pm

detroitflip313, who actually made me LOL.

John Hurt's character will reveal that he is actually a time Lord by the name is Rufus. Rufus travels in a blue phone booth that was always confused with The Doctor's TARDIS so people of course confused him with The Doctor. Rufus, after a while got tired of arguing with people and explaining things so he just went with it and let everyone call him The Doctor. Well the real Doctor found out about him one day and wasn't very happy with Rufus. The Doctor found Rufus in San Dimas one winter and had a very heated discussion. After a while The Doctor realized Rufus wasn't actually doing anything wrong but impersonating The Doctor. He let him keep using the name if he promised to never screw with history. Rufus promised and the Doctor went on his way.
Then one day Rufus broke his promise to help two idiots pass their history class. This didn't sit well with the doctor so he banished Rufus to a hole between dimensions. Rufus spent centuries in the darkness until one night he heard a voice. The voice offered Rufus a chance to get out of the darkness but in return he must help destroy the doctor. 

Please send me your contact info to claim the prize.

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