The Ten Characters Who Should Star In An X-Force Movie

By Eric Diaz in Comics, Daily Lists, Movies
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 6:00 am


Sometimes, things happen fast in the Geek-O-Sphere. This past week, website Bleeding Cool reported that an X-Force movie might be happening due to certain domain names being registered by Twentieth Century Fox. No sooner was that reported than within a day, X-Force creator Rob Liefeld went on his Twitter account and seemingly confirmed the news. Finally,The Hollywood Reporter made it official; Fox is working on a big screen X-Force spin-off of their X-Men franchise, and Kick Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is set to write and maybe direct. Man, That was fast.

X-Force is an interesting property to spin-off from the X-Men, because unlike the X-Men, there is not any one iconic line-up to the team, really. Ask any X-Men fan which characters simply NEED to be in the movie series, and you'll get a good dozen answers. There have been tons of incarnations of X-Force over the past twenty-one years, sometimes with very little tying them all together. And sometimes the team becomes the home of various C-list mutants that the proper X-Men books don't want anymore. For example, remember Feral, the cat-like member of the team so prominently displayed on the cover of the original X-Force #1? The comic that sold five million copies?? Where is she now? While the characters of X-Force might come and go, with some notable exceptions, the main idea of the team mostly remains - a more militant group of mutants who are willing to do whatever needs to be done to preserve their race from extinction.

Seriously though....what happened to Feral??

So with that in mind, here are ten characters from the history of the X-Force comic book series that have a real shot at making it to movie stardom.

10. Cannonball


A good ol' boy from Kentucky, Samuel Guthrie was a founding member of the first ever X-Men spin-off team The New Mutants, and when the New Mutants title morphed into X-Force in 1991, he was the only founding member of the original team to make the transition. He stuck around as a member of X-Force for a long time during the '90s, before finally becoming a member of the X-Men proper. He hasn't really been associated with any X-Force team for a long time now - over a decade, I'd say - but he's still probably one of their more iconic team members.

The one problem with Sam making the transition to live action is his powers: he can summon up a bunch of kinetic energy and propel himself through the air like a giant cannonball, hence the name. It would be tough to not make that look a wee bit silly on film, which is probably why we haven't seen even a cameo of Sam Guthrie in any of the X-Men movies thus far. Still, his status as a long-standing member of the team means he at least has a shot at the big time if the X-Force movie ever comes to fruition.

9. Wolfsbane


Although her association with X-Force has been relatively brief overall, I think that Scottish mutant Rahne Sinclair has a decent shot at getting into an X-Force movie. First off, her powers are simple and easy to understand: She's a werewolf. She might not be a supernatural werewolf, but she's a werewolf all the same, and that's a concept everyone is familiar with and doesn't take a lot of explaining for the casual moviegoer. She also has X-Person Rogue beat on the self-loathing front, as she thinks there is something evil about her being a mutant due to her strict religious upbringing, something that the filmmakers could have a fun time playing with. As far as members of the comic book team go, I think Wolfsbane has a much better shot at big screen success than the likes of Feral, Rictor, or Boom Boom.

8. Warpath


One of the few characters from back in the early Rob Liefeld days of X-Force who has been a fixture in most incarnations of the team is James Proudstar, better known as Warpath. An Apache Native American, Proudstar possesses mutant superhuman strength and speed, identical to his his older brother John, who was the X-Man Thunderbird, an X-Man mostly famous for being the first member of the team to die in the line of duty. While James' powers are similar to his late brother's, his actual power levels are much higher. Although he originally hated Charles Xavier and blamed him for his brother's death, he eventually came around and joined his cause.

As a member of both the original Liefeld '90s version of the team, as well as the later "black ops" X-Force team of more recent years, Warpath makes a ton of sense to make it to a big screen incarnation of the team. Add to that the fact that Twilight's Boo Boo Stewart (yes, someone's real name is Boo Boo) is in the upcoming Days of Future Past as Warpath, this only leads me to believe even more that he's being set up for a larger appearance in a future X-Force movie.

7. Domino


Now here is a character that might make it into the team simply for the fact that she makes for a cool visual, and would look hot on one of those character one-sheet posters you find on bus stops. I'm pretty much convinced the only reason the character as any popularity at all is because a hot albino woman with a black dalmatian circle around her eye toting a gun (usually in an overly erotic pose) is just too sexy an image for young teenage boys to resist. With all that in her favor, who cares what your personality and powers are? But yes, she actually does have powers; along with her mutant abilities. In addition to her excellent marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat training, she also possesses "probability altering powers", kind of like former X-Man Longshot, but nowhere near as powerful as Magneto's daughter the Scarlet Witch.

Spending most of her life as a mercenary, she came into contact with Cable, becoming his partner and occasional lover as well. While not the most compelling character in Marvel Mutant history, she has a long history with the team (she is currently a member of Cable's X-Force team) and Twentieth Century Fox might not be able to resist getting a hot actress, putting her in a tight leather cat suit and making her an albino mutant just as a way of selling the movie if nothing else.

6. Apocalypse


I think the X-Force movie might finally see big mutant bad Apocalypse make his long awaited big-screen debut. Not as a member of the team, obviously, but as their movie's primary antagonist. Although Apocalypse was originally a villain in the pages of X-Factor (back when they were the five original X-Men reunited) he has since gone on to become one of the entire X-Men universe's biggest baddies, right behind Magneto and Mr. Sinister, although ahead of them when it comes to actual power levels. Apocalypse's real name is En-Sabah-Nur, and he believes himself to be the very first mutant, who manifested his powers over 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. A strict believer in "survival of the fittest", he thinks the weak should all die, therefore letting the strong inherit the Earth. Unlike Magneto, for example, he doesn't care if the weak are mutants or humans; in his mind, all weaker beings must be disposed of to let the strong survive. Apocalypse has strong ties to Cable, as he was the absolute ruler of the Earth in the future that Cable is from, and is the reason why Cable was sent back to the present day to stop him from achieving his rise to power. For these reasons above all others, I think Apocalypse will make his movie debut in an X-Force movie.

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