Trailer for a New CG Tarzan

By Luke Y. Thompson in Books, Cartoons, Movies
Monday, July 8, 2013 at 11:30 am


"Ich Tarzan, du Jane!"

The poster above and the trailer are in German, but you'll get the general idea. What I don't quite get is the point - this basically looks like the Disney Tarzan all over again. Since the movie's actually going to be in English, featuring Twilight yutz Kellan Lutz (who's also starring in a Renny Harlin-directed Hercules that'll surely get smacked down by the Rock's), I think any hope that Phil Collins tunes will be replaced with Rammstein are probably just a happy pipedream.

I will say this - in 3D, I can imagine this thing will induce vertigo. The YouTube version already does that to me by itself, because today's Tarzan is legally required to be Spider-Man meets surf-dude, that being what "the kids" are into these days. Watch after the jump...but not on a full stomach.

via Bleeding Cool

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