Ten Random Roles From The Original Dub Cast of Dragon Ball Z

By Brian Hanson in Anime, Daily Lists
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 6:00 am

6) Brian Drummond - Yajirobe / Vegeta


Yes, nerds, I know, calm down - Brian Drummond only voiced Vegeta in the later episodes that were specifically dubbed for Canadian audiences, because for some reason a Japanese cartoon show still counts as "Canadian Programming" so long as there's a Canadian voice cast. Moving on!

And speaking of nerds, Brian Drummond is involved with some of the nerdiest TV shows of the '90s and early aughts: Smallville, Stargate SG-1, and once again, The X-Files! Granted, his credits for each of those shows include such marquee roles as "Attendant" and "Security Guard," but hey - nerd cred is nerd cred.

And speaking of cred, Mr. Drummond also has the dubious honor of being the only person on this list to have a screen credit on one of Hollywood's most notorious box-office bombs: the dreadful Antonio Banderas / Game Boy Advance vehicle, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever! He had the thankless task of being "VPD Officer - Sc. 116." Hey, at least it's more specific than just "Guard" or "Officer." Work is work, folks.

5) Cathy Weseluck - Puar / Chiaotzu


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has already been brought up here, but Cathy has been blessed by the Brony contingency by voicing one of the actual factual mainline stars of the show: that's right, everybody's (maybe not necessarily) favorite dragon sidekick, Spike!

And if that's not enough, Cathy was also the lead in the short-lived and much-beloved Fox Kids show Cybersix! And she was every sad '90s anime nerd's object of lust as Shampoo from Ranma 1/2! Some people have all the luck!

Well, maybe: she also voiced the titular "Lapitch" in Sony Wonder's (probably not very Wonder-ful) straight-to-video Lapitch the Little Shoemaker, and a TV movie mashup of The Hunchback of Notre Dame mixed with Soccer, fittingly titled The Halfback of Notre Dame. But maybe I'm just being a jerk; this user review certainly suggests as much:

"Hey if your into films that have loads of comedy and are totally romantic and definitely crazy!! then this is the movie for you. This movie supplies all these things and more. You will fall in love with Crazy and Esmeralda and you'll find yourself rooting their love all the way."

2 of 6 people found that review "helpful." Make of that what you will.

4) Scott McNeil - Piccolo


Lessee here, let's find something weird by Scott McNeil... Rattrap in Beast Wars.? Eh, people seem to really like that show. He was The Vulture and Man-Wolf in the rather dull Spider-Man Unlimited. He played an astronaut in the 90's update of The Outer Limits. That's kinda cool, I guess.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that Scott McNeil also played the voice of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Yes indeed, there was a crummy cartoon version of Ben Hur - one that proudly displays "FEATURING THE VOICE TALENT OF CHARLTON HESTON" in case you were wondering what kind of audience they were gunning for.

It also features John William "Long John" Baldry as Pontius Pilate!

This is the best thing I've ever heard. A direct-to-video Ben Hur starring Chartlon Heston, the voice of Piccolo, and Dr. Robotnik / an unsung blues legend who claims to be the last guy to see Marc Bolan alive. The meaningless trivia gods have smiled upon us this day.

Gods? Er, God. I forgot this is Ben fucking Hur.

3) Richard Newman - Captain Ginyu / Oolong


On the face of things, looking at Mr. Newman's voluminous profile, there's nothing exceptionally noteworthy - the dude played Rhinox in Beast Wars, Professor Moriarty in the rather awful Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, a few bit parts on Mary Kate and Ashley in Action!, and...

Hello, what's this? Dude played "Marty" on The Commish? Minister Amunde on an episode of MacGyver?! I feel like I need to call my dad right now and tell him that Captain Ginyu was on The Commish, which I feel like is the Quintissential Dad Show Of The 90's.

2) Doc Harris - Narrator


In a bit of trivia that should hopefully come as a surprise to no one, the man who provided the dramatic bombast for Piccolo blowing up the moon is also a disc jockey in Vancouver.

One thing that I haven't mentioned so far this article - and again, I would be remiss to neglect it - is that Doc Harris, along with most of his Dragon Ball Z castmates, were integral in the execution of the voice talent for the crowning achievement in animation history that is... Camp Candy.

Camp Candy, of course, being one of the final projects of both a Saturday Night Live mainstay, but also folk music legend Harry Nilsson! Yes, that's right - within less than three degrees of separation, Dragon Ball Z has ties to some of the most legendary voices in music!

1) Saffron Henderson - Gohan


Like many things, this list ends with a whimper, and not a bang. OR DOES IT?!?

Well, kinda. Saffron Henderson is a bit unique in that she also provided the original voice of Kid Goku in the initial Dragon Ball dub - a role which of course provides canonical benefits as the voice of Gohan.

But nevermind that! Freakin' Saffron Henderson played J.J., the wannabe rock star, who gets whacked by Jason in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan!

I was hoping to find at least one death scene featuring a Dragon Ball Z voice actor; any list of this nature that doesn't feature a death scene from a bad horror movie sequel.

Now then, that begs the question: what parallels can be made between Dragon Ball Z and Camp Candy? Which Beast Wars character could survive a Kamehameha? Which crossover DBZ fanfiction is now plausible with all these voiceover artists in other cartoon shows and movies? How would Jason Voorhees kill Vegeta?!?

I'll stop.

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