Tommy Wiseau Meme Contest Winners

By Luke Y. Thompson in DVDs, Video Games
Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 5:30 pm


(above meme by lilrealluck)

Tommy Wiseau fans may be fewer in number than followers of other fandoms, but they are determined. In a contest with three prizes, many of the entries came from a small group of obsessive Roomies, so to make it fair, I narrowed it down to the best entry from each entrant. The prizes include DVDs of The Tommy Wi-Show, and T-shirts and posters for "The House That Drips Blood on Alex."

Here are some runners up:





Winners after the jump (you've probably guessed who you are)

The grand prize goes to SumEllisOck. It was a tough decision, but his was the only one of the three finalists to actually depict Tommy, which gave this entry the edge.


InsrtRndmNmeHere gets a DVD and a shirt for doing a Room mashup I've never seeen before (and I've seen many).

And finally, HappyManCreates gets a DVD for the best of his scene/quote recreations.

So to all three of you, I think all that's left to say is...You're expecting! Haha.

I only told you that to make it interesting.

(All winners please send me your contact info)

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