If You Only Play One Farting Orc Game in Your Life...

By Luke Y. Thompson in Video Games
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm


...maybe it should be this one? I ask because I truly don't know what the competition is here. Are farting Orcs a thing, or is this breaking new ground in the study of non-planetary gas giants? All I do know is that five year-olds should find hours of hilarity in playing characters named Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop and Friar Krap.

Five year-olds, and drunk people. Anyway, we have the trailer after the jump, just in case you are one of the aforementioned. Watch it all the way through to see a real-life lizard pass gas in a bathtub - makes the whole thing semi-worthwhile.

Orc Attack will launch on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network October 9th, in North America and Europe.

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