Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Final Fantasy XI Keyboard

By Chris Cummins in Merchandise, Video Games
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 12:15 pm

So you say you're a Final Fantasy fan with a ton of disposable income? Well you're in luck, because Kotaku has word of a Final Fantasy XI "XI Anniversary" collectible keyboard that comes complete with special codes for the game. (Because we now live in a glorious world where even seemingly mundane things like computer equipment can now be branded as collectible). And has it really been eleven years since that game was released? Sheesh. Hit the jump for a close-up of this nerdtastic beauty and info on the cost. Spoiler: It ain't cheap.

The changing of the function keys to represent various Final Fantasy games is a nice touch. But is it $275 worth of nice? Yes friends, that's how much this beauty will cost you. It's available for preorder now from Hori if you are so inclined. Thanks to Holden for the tip.

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