TR Interview: Porn Star Tasha Reign Introduces Her Butt-Plugs for Bronies

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Monday, September 23, 2013 at 10:00 am


Tasha Reign is many things - adult actress, producer, former MTV reality star, music critic, and even guest columnist for OC Weekly, which (full disclosure) is owned by Topless Robot's parent company, Voice Media Group. Yet she is also, in her own way, a nerd, and her latest product stems from a long-held fandom for a certain cartoon/toy line about the enchantment of camaraderie amongst anthropomorphic equestrians, if you know what I mean.

Yes, we're talking about Pony butt plugs, released under the suitable brand name of "Reignbow." Want a pony tail? Here's something to shove in your ass. That's probably not the marketing slogan, but it's the bottom line.

Naturally, we had to talk to Tasha about it - and her forthcoming adult feature involving, yes, porn stars in pony garb. Along the way, we also learned a lot about Japanese porn specifics, somehow. Will this be a boon to Bronies, or a sex-centered stigma? We had to ask, and you'll decide.

[Warning - slightly modified pics that were once NSFW follow...with my usual "creative" editing...]


Luke Y. Thompson: Are you still writing for the OC Weekly?

Tasha Reign: I haven't given them a new article in a little bit, just because I've been so busy traveling and stuff, but I'm planning on keeping with them.

LYT: I just found out that you did that after arranging this interview. With us being owned by the same parent company as them, people are going to think this is total corporate synergy.

TR: Oh, that's funny!

LYT: It's funny that they would think we had corporate synergy over this particular product, too.

TR: Who would think that you had corporate synergy over this?

LYT: My readers are probably going to think that.

TR: Because you guys write for them?

LYT: We're owned by them.

TR: Got it!

LYT: I think considering the product that we're talking about, the idea that the company would decide to push it real hard is interesting.

TR: Seems far-fetched. [laughs]


LYT: So are you a big My Little Pony fan?

TR: I am, yeah! But I'm trying to make sure we never use the words My Little Pony in anything, just because, you know, it's a product that obviously was inspired by my love for the cartoon and the collectible dolls, and I decorated my Christmas tree every year with them - I'm totally a fan - but this toy is clearly an adult creation, and the company, Crystal Delights, who signed me to their products and had me design it, they specialize in a fetish and niche crystal dildo, and all of their dildos have tails - almost all of them. There's crystals and fur and tails and all this really fetish-y, kind of out-there stuff; so it's perfect for that company.

LYT: Has there ever been, or is anyone thinking of, as far as you know, a My Little Pony XXX parody?

TR: Honestly, I don't even think people would touch it, just because, like I said, we're not trying to do anything with My Little Pony - it's obviously inspired by it, and I'll have a movie about my Pony Plugs, and it's more about this particular - I mean, there's a huge adult fan base, which I'm sure you're aware of, people like Furries and adult Pony fans that are called Bronies, and it's like a niche thing has become worldwide, and there's lots of conventions and forums and all sorts of stuff. So this was just more of my idea based on's already existing line of fur tails, so when I thought of this idea, I had been working on it for a while, but then I decided to write a movie. I got somebody to write a movie about the tails, and about the girls, and we're filming it next week. It's going to be really cool.


LYT: Do you know what the title of the movie is, or can you say at this point?

TR: No, I'm brainstorming still. I kind of like Pony Tales - I don't really know, it's probably going to be dirtier than that. [laughs] I haven't decided, but I'm really so excited. I cast really hot blonde girls that I'm a big fan of. All of the male talent are really hot, and I designed all the clothes, and custom ordered all of the cutest little accessories and ears and horns and wings and all sorts of crazy stuff! It's definitely going to be a unique experience.

LYT: My readers recently tipped me off to the whole 'manicorn' thing, which I had not been aware of before.

TR: That's kind of our target audience, though. Even in the film the guys will have horns and they'll have ears, and it's like, there's this entire genre for fans - it's pretty cool.

LYT: When I first heard some of the names in the original kids' cartoon, they make me think obscene things, like Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle - they sound like sex acts.

TR: Exactly! [laughs] I mean, they're obviously - the cartoon is meant for children, and you grow up watching it and a lot of times later, when you become a fan of adult entertainment as an adult, it travels over, things you were a fan of in your youth, because it's not like you're - those memories aren't deleted. So if I don't think there's anything odd about adults still being fans of cartoons or comics. It reminds me of comic fans. But it's definitely - it's weird, I have to keep on telling people, you have to be media literate, and realize that the toy is for 18 and over - adult people. I think it's just a little bit shocking, because the colors are so bright, and it's so similar to the cartoon.


LYT: Is that seriously a problem? Do people see these and mistakenly think they're being targeted for kids?

TR: No, it's not a mistake. It's just that people say horrible things. I prefer to focus on the positive things, but yeah, certain people have already had some interesting comments online. I'm like, "Oh my god, what? What are you talking about?"

LYT: I think people like Furries already have that stigma.

TR: That's even more dramatic. That's a full costume. This is just a little toy accessory.

LYT: I feel like once you're in a store that sells those kinds of accessories, there's no stigma on anything.

TR: Exactly.

LYT: If you're at a mainstream comic con and someone's wearing something crazy like that, then you're worried.


TR: [laughs] I think it's just going to be interesting to see what the fans of Furries and Bronies, all of these different little niches that I didn't even really mean to target - I wonder what they're going to feel about this toy, because I looked at their forums, and they have all these adorable costumes, but they don't have any sort of cool, adult sexual toys. They don't have anything that replicates this toy. I mean, there are some that are more serious, but they look like dominatrix, even. Flowing, and black, and straight hair; this is completely different, so I hope that they like it.

LYT: I've always kind of wondered why I haven't seen any sex toys that have tried to replicate a lightsaber action, in a way.

TR: A lightsaber?

LYT: Maybe there are some and I just haven't seen them.

TR: Like a lightsaber dildo or something?

LYT: Yeah, exactly. Like a Darth Maul one.

TR: You know what? Maybe I'll just have to make one.

LYT: Like a Darth Maul one, could have two red ones coming out of each side.

TR: Yeah, it's crazy if they don't have that.


LYT: They may. I haven't looked too much for it. I noticed on what I've seen of your resume, you've done quite a few superhero porn parodies. What have been some of your favorite media characters to play?

TR: You know what? I don't have a lot - I know I've been in them, and I've played different ones, but I think my favorite thing to do at all is not to necessarily play superheroes, but I went to Japan, and I shot a couple of movies, and played this black scorpion lady in one of them, and then I played some sort of, kind of like a superwoman from here, but a Japanese take on it, and those were my favorites, because I got to shoot them in Japan with a Japanese director for a Japanese company.

They're nothing like the porn we have here in the States, because we have all these different limitations, and Japan has limitations, but they're more about how you can't show certain things with penetration, as opposed to where our laws for distribution differ with things you're not allowed to show, like you can't show a girl struggling, or saying "No." You can't tie her up. There are all sorts of things you can't do, because states won't distribute them. In Japan, they're much more open minded to weird, fetish, creepy stuff that most people here would be horrified by, but they secretly want to see. And I think those were some pretty weird movies. They used big tentacles and whips and all sorts of crazy stuff, and I had all these super powers that they CGI'd in - it was pretty cool!

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