TR Interview: Porn Star Tasha Reign Introduces Her Butt-Plugs for Bronies

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Monday, September 23, 2013 at 10:00 am


LYT: Is it technically illegal to import those movies in the US?

TR: To distribute them. For instance, I recently started my movie company, Reign Productions, about 8 months ago, and I have to abide by certain laws in the movies, and they're not just little things, they're big things that you literally cannot do. People don't understand how many restrictions are put on adult directors and adult producers who are trying to stay within the lines of what's OK, what's vanilla enough to distribute to DVD stores, to websites, to everything. It's really strict, actually.

My first movie I turned in, Tasha Reign Is Sexy - that was about 8 months ago, it was just four scenes: a boy-girl, girl-girl, and a couple more boy-girls. One of them, the girl-girl scene that I directed, it was a sorority scene, and I was in a sorority in college, just briefly, and so I did this little parody of the sorority. I hazed the other girl and I didn't think it was anything that crazy for adult - a little bit of pink powder in her drink, and I took weird pictures of her, and did all this kind of - just something I thought was fun and sexy and cool, and it got denied from everybody, because you can't dabble with anything that would imply that you would be date raping somebody. It was subtle. I didn't even think it was pushing the envelope, so if I can't even do that, imagine what else we can't do.

LYT: Aside from what you are and aren't allowed to do, there's sort of this perception that Japanese people have more twisted fetishes than over here. Do you think that's just a matter of what they can show? Are Japanese and American people equally perverse in their fantasies, but we just can't show the more perverse stuff?

TR: I think, yes; I think that's closer to the truth than not. I feel like there are a lot of people here that have a lot of perverse fantasies, but because it's America and because we're so ingrained with religion, we don't even realize how important that is to our community, even if we're not religious. It's within every single bit of the media - even adult entertainment.


I heard somebody say that you can always judge a society by their pornography, and it's true. You can criticize both Japanese porn and US porn, and then both of them have good aspects, as well, but they're just so different, and I think that in Japan you're allowed to be a lot more perverted and weird and do a bunch of things that you're not allowed to show - you can't show any penetration, ever - but here, in the videos, you're almost required to come. The girl has to really look like not only is she having an orgasm, and she really wanted to have sex, and she loved taking a load on her face. You really need to send these messages while you're making the porn, you're really kind of told to do that afterwards. You're told "This is where the pop shot is going to go, and you want to look like you're super happy and this is super fun."

But in Japan, it's the complete opposite. You actually are not allowed to do that. You cannot act like you wanted to have sex, you want to act the exact opposite, because I think it's a cultural more, almost - like the girl needs to look like she did not want to have sex. I guess you can say, you can use the word 'rape,' but they have a lot of rape porn over there, so it's pretty crazy. It's totally different from here, and I can understand why a lot of people would find it disturbing, but once you're more educated about it, and you actually are in the business and you do your research and stuff, it's kind of more interesting than it is upsetting.


LYT: Back to the butt plugs - if these do well, are there more accessories that could go along with it? Like knee pads that look like hooves, or matching whips?

TR: Well, in my photo shoot, which I'm sure there are some photos out there already, I have ears, and I have wings, and I have all sorts of accessories that I got custom ordered and made, by different people on, and so I'm actually contacting them right now to put together a package, so that if somebody wants to come to my personal e-commerce store, or even to, or what have you, that they can go and they can purchase it as a package. Whether it's them dressing up in a costume in their bedroom with their husband or their wife, or whatever, girlfriend, boyfriend, just themselves, or they want to use it for some crazy party or anything. There's like a million things you can do with it, and I think that a lot of people would like a one-stop shop - they'd like to get it all in one place instead of all the different places. So I'm trying to work on that right now, actually.

LYT: Are they available now, the products?

TR: On, yes. All four colors are out, and who knows whether other colors will come, but right now we have yellow, lavender, blue and pink. It's on the front page of their website, and they're super popular, and they have some of the coolest toys. It's more like artistic stuff that you would find in a museum or something - they're fabulous.

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