Axel Braun Snuck a Thor Porno Under the Radar

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, DVDs
Monday, October 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm


This is apparently coming out tomorrow. Yet I can't find an online trailer for it (there are other Thor pornos, though most use the loophole of a non-Marvel Thor) and there isn't even a mention of it on's front page.

I have a theory, though: I think Braun has given up trying to impress casual fans. The guy who used to brag about how his costumes looked better than in the big-budget movies appears to have been reduced to renting Halloween outfits - his excuse with Wolverine was that he wanted to do the classic yellow and blue, but that won't hold water here. That's the movie outfit on the cheap - a classic version with big circles would at least have been funny. Plus King James English, like "Dost thou wish to mate with the Odinson?" Just a guess - since there's NO TRAILER I CAN FIND, thank you Axel - but I'm thinking that won't be in there.

I do expect lots of puns about hammering, however.

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