First Details of Avatar-Land at Disney's Animal Kingdom

By Luke Y. Thompson in Miscellaneous, Movies, Puppets, Tech
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 10:00 am

Disney's been having a D-23 Expo over in Tokyo and it seems like the Japanese fans are actually getting some genuine reveals rather than the generic stuff we got. For one thing, a fairly detailed advance look at what Florida's simulation of Pandora will involve.

There's going to be a boat ride into the bioluminescent jungle:


A Banshee-flying simulation similar to Soarin' Over California, but in 3D:


No, there probably won't be a ponytail intercourse simulator (maybe we can get Tasha Reign working on an unofficial one), but there's more...hit the jump to see a video of the development process, including a sneak peek at the Banshee ride.

More details at

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