The 20 Most Deserving Victims in the Friday the 13th Films

By T.J. Dietsch in Daily Lists, Movies
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 6:00 am

15. Ali, Fox & Loco (Friday the 13th Part III)

On one hand, we understand biker punks Ali, Fox and Loco wanting to rob Shelly from Friday the 13th Part III. That guy's the worst on a dozen different levels, plus he smashed into their bikes in a surprising act of bravado. But these three yahoos, still made the foolish decision to follow Shelly and Vera back to the house where they siphoned gas from a van in order to set the barn on fire. In a show of territoriality, Jason killed Loco and Fox before they could commit arson and then went a few rounds with Ali. Ali even earned some bonus points by popping up later in an attempt to fight Jason again, but got stabbed to oblivion for his efforts.

14. The Government (Jason X)

If you asked any sane person what to do with Jason Voorhees after finally capturing the legendary killer, they'd suggest burning, sinking or freezing him immediately. What did the government do when that very thing happened in Jason X? They say they tried to kill him, but all we saw was a supernatural mass murderer being held in a big dark room with chains and watched by one guy. Of course, certain elements want to experiment on him to find out how he keeps coming back.

Well, you can imagine how that worked: Jason mysteriously got free, killed a bunch of people and wound up getting frozen so that a bunch of dumb kids in the future could find him and accidentally take him off-planet. We're all for scientific exploration, but when it comes to super-slashers, dip them in cement and shoot them into the sun.

13. Trent (Friday the 13th remake)

The 2009 remake of Friday the 13th was surprisingly not terrible. The same can't be said for resident asshole Trent, though. This guy inexplicably invited a group of people he seemed to either hate or not know at all to his parents' expensive place on Crystal Lake for the kind of weekend activities that get kids killed in horror movies. After being an asshole to Jared Padalecki's Clay who was just looking for his missing sister, this genius got his hands on his daddy's gun and started blasting through walls like Dirty Harry. Instead of acing Jason, though, he did pop the girl he just had sex with. Sure, she was probably already dead, but still not a good move.

Seeing him scream after a girl got dropped on the hood of the car is pretty satisfying, but it doesn't hold a candle to Jason running him through with his trusty machete, lifting him up off the ground and lodging him onto the back of a fleeing tow truck.

12. Charles McCulloch (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)

Older dudes in Friday movies tend to have one thing on their mind: proving that the young lady who has some strange connection to Jason is making everything up. Charles McCulloch from Jason Takes Manhattan definitely falls into that category. At first he just seems over-protective and ageist towards the young, but we eventually learn that he threw his niece and eventual final girl Rennie into Crystal Lake even after she told him that Jason was still down there. He even tried to take credit for saving her life after that bit of genius-level thinking backfired. Huh, terrifying kids in water is a bad idea? Whodda thunk it.

Back in the movie's present, this guy can't even give credit to a couple of teenagers who successfully navigate a rowboat to a New York City harbor - because he doesn't like the spot. Finally, after irritating audiences for most of the movie, Chuck encountered Jason, who promptly threw him out of a second story window and then drowned him in a garbage can filled with what looked like the ooze that turned Melvin into the Toxic Avenger.

11. Tamara Mason (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)

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McCulloch might have made a few mistakes in the name of trying to help Rennie, but his fellow Jason Takes Manhattan star Tamara was evil to the core. Maybe she didn't slice anyone's head off, but she pressured her friend into trying some blow and even shoved Rennie - who has an understandable fear of the water, go figure - off of a moving boat. That's attempted murder, you guys! As if all that wasn't enough, she manipulated nerdy film geek Wayne and even tried to awkwardly seduce and blackmail McCulloch, who rebuked her. Sensing her awfulness, Jason sought her out while she showered, punched through the wall and made short work of her with a glass shard.

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