The 20 Most Deserving Victims in the Friday the 13th Films

By T.J. Dietsch in Daily Lists, Movies
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 6:00 am

10. Vic Faden (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning)

This might sound a little crazy considering the content of this list, but sometimes you need to display a little patience for your fellow human beings. Unfortunately for candy bar enthusiast and Pinewoods Halfway House guest Joe, Vic didn't have much of any in A New Beginning. We get that Joey was overbearing and annoying, but that didn't mean Vic had to chop him to death with an axe in the middle of the yard while everyone looked on.

In an odd departure for the series, Vic doesn't meet his end at the end of Jason's machete or someone else's vengeance-driven sense of morality. Making matters worse, this bit of insanity wound up inspiring a copycat killer who went on his own killing spree and got his own place on the list.

9. Freddy Krueger (Freddy vs. Jason)

Some say it takes a slasher to kill a slasher, but in Freddy Krueger's case it took a slasher to help rejuvenate one of his fellow killers. In Freddy vs. Jason, the sweater-loving child murderer plucked Jason out of hell and put him on a path for Elm Street in order to start scaring the kids again. This would increase their fear to give Freddy a foothold in the real world and regain his strength. Sure, it's actually a pretty imaginative plan for a psych, but Freddy didn't get off easy for reawakening Jason or playing off of his understandably water-based nightmares. In fact, the masked killer does quite a number on Freddy for a good chunk of the film's conclusion which gave many a fans the knock-down, drag-out fight they wanted from the meeting of two titanic franchises.

8. Hoods (Friday the 13th Park VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)

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Jason Takes Manhattan is just full of awful people. After surviving Jason on a yacht and rowing to NYC, final girl Rennie and her fellow survivors just start to feel safe when two hoods come out of nowhere, take their money and leave with Rennie in tow. Back in their alley, one shoots her up with heroin and is about to assault her while the other took a walk. Luckily Jason came along and got to play hero for a few moments, shoving a syringe through the main offender's back (and out through his chest) before getting shot several times by his partner in crime. To that, Jason responded by smashing the second guy's face through a pipe.

7. Robert Campbell (Jason Goes To Hell)

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Robert Campbell, the TV reporter from Jason Goes To Hell, is a grade-A a skeezeball lacking all journalistic integrity. He started dating Jessica, a young single mother, just so he could get close to her mother Diane, who happens to be Jason's sister (this movie is way too complicated). That would be enough to earn him a spot on the list, but then he decided to steal Diane's corpse in an attempt to make his story more interesting. We hope it hurt when the Jason-slug-thing rammed itself inside of him and transformed him into a plodding maniac. The best thing Robert Campbell did in the whole film was get possessed, head on over to the diner and off Joey B. and her awful family.

6. Shelly (Friday The 13th Part III)

Shelly might be one of the most insufferable characters in the entire Friday the 13th franchise and he's not even a villain. This insecure goober constantly played tricks on his friends to the point where they lost all sense of danger which aided Jason in his killing spree. He's also the reasons the trio of bikers showed up at the cabin, though as detailed above, they didn't wind up doing much damage.

But, Shelly's biggest sin is bringing along that damn hockey mask. Up to this point in the series, Jason was a mutated little boy and then a bag-wearing weirdo. It wasn't until he picked up Shelly's hockey mask that a simple piece of sports equipment morphed into the thing of nightmares. Thanks a lot for that, slick. Jason expressed his clear sense of poetic justice, by slitting Shelly's throat and allowing him to stumble back into the cabin where his friend snickered at what she though was another dumb stunt. Serves ya' right, Shelly.

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