Nerdy Deals for Furloughed Government Employees

By Luke Y. Thompson in Anime, Toys, Video Games
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm


No matter what your politics, no matter who you blame, I think we're mostly unanimous that the government shutdown sucks. But it sucks most for people whose jobs are lost or suspended because two political parties can't come to a compromise.

Various business have been offering special deals for all the furloughed folks hit hardest, so it seems like a good time to spotlight some of the nerdier ones. Consider this an open thread to post any more that you find in comments below - meanwhile, to start you off, here are three, found with the help of regular commenter SlyDante777.

-A free month of anime from Arigato!

-A free game bundle from that rather snarkily includes such titles as Capitalism Plus, Theme Hospital and Redneck Rampage.

-And because the government shouldn't be the only one screwing people, has a free product for you too.

Feel free to add to this list below. Government workers are nerds too.

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