Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The Violinist Who Plays Police Siren Sounds

By Luke Y. Thompson in Music
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm

"Super Terrific" is often used ironically in this context, as you know. And there's a level of said facetiousness at play in this here post, too - take one noisy, obnoxious thing and have it mimic a different noisy, obnoxious thing - but that would be missing the subtext.

This violin player can imitate the sound of a police siren. He could have been the next typecast comedian in a Police Academy reboot...or used his powers for evil to scare away other criminals and make off with their haul. Instead, he has used his obvious talents to make a viral video.

Thanks, YouTube. You have saved the world again.

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