The Chewbacca Decoy Costume Controlled by Cats

By Luke Y. Thompson in TV
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 10:00 am


I can't imagine why anyone who reads this site would avoid a costume party - letting fly with freak flags is one of many things that unites us and binds the galaxy together. But you may have friends who are lame, and would rather sit at home.

For them, the Cat-Piloted Decoy Chewbacca Costume is just the thing. Trust Team Coco to have your back on this one.

But what's that? You saw Pacific Rim and realize full well that controlling the equivalent of a giant Jaeger could short-circuit a cat's brain? Don't worry - they thought of that too, and no cats were harmed in the process.

Alternately - and Conan O'Brien certainly doesn't say this, though he may be thinking it - this is a great solution if your cats ever want to go to Furry conventions in disguise.

Hit the jump and see for yourself.

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