20 Wonderful, Weird and Wild Things to Do at New York Comic Con

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Oh, crap. New York Comic Con is here.

Don't get me wrong - I love the show as much as the next comics/TV/movies/gaming junkie, but it just kind of crept up on me, like a guy dressed as Nightman... in the night! And if you're like me, you're probably feeling just as unprepared for the the East Coast's massive celebration of pop culture and might be, just this very minute, scrambling to tick off all of the little things you need to add to your four-day itinerary.

Well fret not, friend! I'm here to help. With this handy list of things to do (and see) while you're at the show (and beyond), whether it's your first time or fifth time, you'll be able to navigate NYCC like a champ.

1. Let This Con-Exclusive Kabuki Statue Stare at You While You Sleep


What's the point of going to a convention if you can't pick up a statue of some pale murder lady to watch over you at night? While I've never gotten the appeal of statues myself (I'm more of a connoisseur of poseable action figures), there's something to be said of reproducing the stylish art of David Mack in three dimensions.

This Femme Fatales Unmasked statue is limited to 100 pieces, so if you want to pick one up, you'll have to make a beeline for the Diamond Select booth where you can satisfy all of your not-so-secret toy hoarding needs.

2. Go See the Killer Fish Movie From Japan


We'll have a couple of smaller movie and TV show panels on this list, but in general you should just go ahead and avoid the big, glossy panels featuring mainstream productions and their stars (it'll all be online the next day, anyway), and check out indie panels instead (which might also end up online, but they're typically more fun).

Anyway, the best way to describe Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack Movie is it as an "animated amphibious murder fish porn set in the streets of Tokyo." And if that's not something you're into, then I don't know if we can be friends.

3. Support a Dredd Sequel in the Best Possible Way: Through the Conspicuous Purchase of Swag!


Look, I'm going to level with you: the chances of the Dredd sequel getting made are slim given how the very excellent first movie cratered at the box office. But let's try to be optimistic: even if grassroots efforts for Firefly or The Sarah Connor Chronicles fell on the deaf ears of heartless studio executives, there's always a chance that buying a shirt might convince Lionsgate to sequel-ize the Karl Urban kill-opus.

4. Get Drunk With Image Comics


Ever wanted to get tore up from the floor up with some of your favorite independent comic creators? For charity, no less?

Image, in conjunction with Multiversity Comics, is throwing a 21-and-up party on Friday from 8:00PM-1:00 AM at Stitch on behalf of the Hero Initiative. So for a good cause, you can tell that way-too-talented Kieron Gillen to his face just what you think of him or bug Jimmie Robinson about fulfilling your dream of having your head drawn on Bomb Queen's body.

5. Go Dark With This Exclusive Man of Steel Figure


Sure, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was one of the most morally vacant and thematically incoherent movies of 2013 - but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a sweet new Play Arts Kai figure featuring the Superman redesign.

This $79.99 figure from Square Enix's high-end toy division looks pretty cool and includes a second set of hands, possibly so the new movie Supes can look down at them, aghast at the horror of his first kill.

6. Kevin Smith Probably Has Opinions About the Latest Crop of Superhero Movies - And You Probably Want to Hear Them!


Smith is bringing a live version of his Fatman on Batman podcast to Caroline's on Thursday night (details on the TicketWeb site). The Clerks writer-director may have given up on evolving as a filmmaker, but he sure does give good talk.

Note: he's bringing along his goons from the retail minstrel show Comic Book Men, which, depending on who you are, might either sweeten or break the deal.

7. Talk Yourself Into Finally Getting a Wii U


Or, you know, remember that you have a Wii U as you hit up the Nintendo booth during the show and play platform-exclusives The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 2. The increase in game content at NYCC has been gradual over the years, so it still feels like a cool treat to be able to get hands-on time with some of the Big N's fall offerings outside of SDCC, or PAX, or PAX East, or Wonder Con.

What I'm saying is Nintendo is everywhere.

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