10 Reasons to Both Anticipate and Fear "The Day of the Doctor."

By Natalie Nichols in Daily Lists, TV
Monday, November 18, 2013 at 6:00 am

6. Rose Tyler, Again?


From her glowy eyes in the trailer, it seems possible that this is Rose "Bad Wolf" Tyler, and in the trailer she tells Hurt's Doctor that "the moment is coming." Or is that The Moment, aka the thing the Doctor used to end the last great Time War (according to "The End of Time")? Her ragged clothing looks unlike anything we've ever seen Rose wear, and her hair is different too. Maybe she's not quite Rose at all?

Anyway, the first companion of the rebooted series has come back so many times now, it would be nice to give someone else a chance. Like, say, Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), whose departure from the TARDIS in "Journey's End" was pure heartbreak: Her memory is wiped of all trace of her travels with the Doctor, whom she must never remember lest her mind literally burn up. If Rose can keep crossing a supposedly uncrossable barrier to another universe, then surely Donna could somehow return - and maybe even bring her Time Lord-enhanced brain to the fight.

7. Potential Companion Chemistry


Shippers like to point out that Nine loved Rose first, and vice versa, so of course it seemed only, uh, natural that, once Rose got over her initial suspicion of Ten and decided he was indeed a "proper Doctor," their affection for each other would only grow (how annoying that was, YMMV). After all, he's the same man. (But different.)

Or is he? I'm generally against Doctor-companion romance, but it's hard not to wonder if Rose will feel the same about Eleven...and if Eleven will feel the same about Rose? Also, it could be fun if current companion Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman, pictured above), who's so resolutely not interested in Eleven, found herself charmed by Ten. Although the last thing I want to see is a Rose/Clara catfight. So maybe not.

8. But Seriously. Couldn't We Also Have _____?


In addition to companions Rose and Clara, "Day" will feature the return of Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave), daughter of the beloved Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the late Nicholas Courtney), and an appearance by Queen Elizabeth I (Joanna Page), which may (or may not) tell us more about why an older Good Queen Bess called the Doctor her "sworn enemy" at the end of "The Shakespeare Code."

Yet, while there's no way Moffat would serve up a companion smorgasbord like the ones former showrunner Russell T. Davies gave us in "Journey's End" and "The End of Time," the presence of Rose in the special only makes me want to see more past companions. Moffat only knows whether he would have included the beloved Sarah Jane Smith, had actress Elisabeth Sladen not died in 2011. (And I still choked up to see her in the recent "Doctor Who: 50 Years" clip. But would it be so terrible to give us one last romp with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, above), or bring in Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who's proven quite handy in an epic disaster?

9. And While We're at It - Daleks, Again?


OK, technically they are villains, but the Daleks have been with the Doctor for so long - since the first season way back in 1963 - that they're more like frenemies than enemies. And, yeah, I know there's no way that the 50th-anniversary episode of Doctor Who would not include the Daleks.

Even after allegedly being destroyed (or at least contained) by the Time War, the Doctor's archnemeses(eses) keep popping up like evil Weebles. But they've shown up a lot over the years, and twice in Eleven's last series alone. That said, it seems like even Moffat knows that, Time War or no, Daleks are not enough - which may be why they'll be sharing evil screen time with the far more obscure Zygons, monsters from the Classic Series making their first appearance in the rebooted show.

10. Not That I'm Complaining, But...


I can't quite believe Moffat is leaving out River Song (Alex Kingston). She's nowhere to be seen in the trailer, and that dramatic farewell between her and Eleven in "The Name of the Doctor" sure made it seem like we are finally done with her. She was a lot of fun at first, then she became an interesting puzzle, then a not-so-interesting plot wrench.

Moffat does tend to beat his various fixations to death: scary children, memory problems, frightening everyday objects, monsters from the id, etc. And, sort of like the Daleks too, River ultimately felt overused. So here's hoping she's the one companion Moffat really will keep out of the action.

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