A Journey to Planet Sanity: Humorous Doc Debunks Aliens

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, Tech
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm


Like the older, less preachy Michael Moore movies, or Sacha Baron Cohen's prank films if they had a point beyond mocking people's eagerness to please and play along, A Journey to Planet Sanity looks like a fun "reality based comedy" (they prefer not to use the d-word, documentary, presumably to defuse hyper-literal criticism right off the bat) in which Noobz actor/director Blake Freeman tries to help an elderly man break his financial addiction to anti-alien gimmickry. While on a road trip to debunk the various conspiracies "out there," Freeman does come up with the best crop circle gag I've ever seen (above).

The director/star was not on my radar before, but based on this trailer, I think he may have found his true calling, like when Joe Rogan became a UFC commentator, or Justin Willman went from cupcakes to magic. Check out both trailers after the jump - they're different enough to be worth it.

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