Super Sexy Topless Weekend Hangover Aggregation Fun Time! - 11-11-13

Monday, November 11, 2013 at 10:00 am

Collecting highlights from the best reader-submitted tips in the weekend thread. A lot of duplicates this week, so I went with the first in most cases...I think.

It's 11-11. Make a wish!

Oh, you wanted to see KISS and Lynda Carter together? (skrag2112)

-Yet another thing that was on the laserdiscs of the Star Wars trilogy way back when and is just now hitting the Internet (10glfan59).

-Keep your high-end crystal glasses in One Piece (troi).

-A unicorn frenching a cactus (earthmanprime).

-Canadian.Scott invades California (Canadian.Scott and Anyone00).

-The marsupial mouse that fucks to death. Not new, but three new varieties have been found, giving the critters yet another fetish possibility to die on. (Canadian.Scott)

-G.I. Joe's Dusty in therapy - probably just upset he hasn't been in the movies yet (Dr.Gonzo82).

-How Charmin! Thor has always been an ass-guardian...venturing into a world where the sun don't shine (Anyone00).

-The coolest thing to ever have the word "jazz" in its title (Anyone00).

Also: the Jane Austen MMO Kickstarter (no zombies - faithful Jane Austen).

-Drones that fit in your hand. Uhhhh...Beavis has something that fits in his hand, sir (James.k.Polk).

-David Tennant gets catty (troi).

-Jetman is like so many '80s action figures come to life (SlyDante777)

-The Scots don't just wear nothing under their kilts - they also use fireworks to demonstrate (James.k.Polk)

-The Bigfoot hunt that went badly (Gallen_Dugall).

Also: "Hogs vs. Drones" is not a Syfy movie.

-Beef jerky soap, for when plain ol' farts just won't do, scent-wise (rkwsuperstar)

-Portal to the other side (10glfan59).

-White Ranger versus Scorpion. Well, one's a Jesus guy and the other's from Hell, so...(Dr.Gonzo82)

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