Xbox One's 7 Big Wins and 3 Total Fails

By Peter Paras in Daily Lists, Video Games
Friday, November 22, 2013 at 6:00 am

A mere week after Sony unleashed PlayStation 4, here comes Microsoft's Xbox One, just in time for all those crazy Black Friday sales. I've been using the One for about a week now, and have come to love and hate certain aspects of this next generation of consoles.

Full disclosure: I'm pro early adoption. Fun fact: my gamertag (pajamo) on Xbox Live has the motto "late adopters are dolts." Word. I've been pretty excited for a new generation of consoles, but I've also been happy that it's taken much longer than normal for their emergence day. The 360 debuted way back in 2005. Imagine: no iPhones, no Netlifx streaming, no Hulu to speak of.

This week. I'm focusing on the Xbox One the machine as opposed to the launch games. Specifically, Xbox One's 7 big wins and 3 total fails:

7. Thanks, Internet! Microsoft's 180 Dance.

Hey, if this didn't happen we wouldn't have gotten Coke Classic.

Let's go back, shall we to earlier this year when Microsoft did a big swing and a miss debuting the Xbox One as an always-online unit that wouldn't play used games, but needed Kinect to always be plugged in to operate. Gamers were furious. Sony took advantage of this and pretty much claimed the opposite for their PS4. The final blow was pricing the device a hundred bucks cheaper than the Xbox One.

Still, despite this, lines were still long at 12:01 am at Best Buy last night. Clearly, there are a lot of us early adopters out there. I'm not all that convinced that MS damage control will matter much in the long run. While I am happy that those restrictions were lifted, I'm not sure it ever made much of a difference to me.

So why is this in the 'Big Win' category? The reason is pretty simple. I admire when a big company like MS wises up and realizes that their customer base is important. Think about all those years that Paramount really didn't care at all for the opinions of their Trekkers. Microsoft does not wanna be seen as that. For now, they have managed to erase all those fears.

For now.

6. The Voice Recognition Really Works! Mostly.

Wake up, Tom!

We're still years away from "Xbox: Finish Halo on Legendary", but it's good know that the tech (mostly) works. Beyond those silly hand gestures on the original Kinect - which you can still do if you please - Kinect 2's big wow factor is solid voice recognition. "Xbox: On" turns on the unit and your television. On the downside, games with long titles need their full names announced like "Forza Motorsport 5" instead of saying just "Xbox: play Forza."

Honestly, I don't want to go back to a non-listening console even if there are weird hitches like "Xbox: play Blu-ray player", but when you get to the pop-up menu you need to use a remote to actually play it. There's something so fun about it all, so sci-fi dream realized.

In retrospect, I think all the hand motion stuff was never gonna be Minority Report cool. So talking to the machine, even if I must sound ridiculous to my neighbors, is a godsend.

5. All-in-One Gimmick No Joke: Live TV Feature Rules!

Still can't do this though...

The "One" in Xbox refers to Microsoft's hopes that its device will be the center of all your media universe. The Live TV app might make it so.

How it works: in the back of the device is an HDMI In for your satellite or cable box. (I have TiVo.) On the home screen or dashboard of is the "Watch TV" box which opens up anything connected through that HDMI port. (See #1!) Even better, Xbox One will ask about your device and television preferences. It then allows you to operate both your TV and TiVo via voice. It can't do it all just yet: choosing a show to watch still needed my TiVo remote. Turns on/off the TV, fast-forward/rewinds, plays, pause, your shows which quickly became second nature for me.

4. New Controller's Boss, Pretty Much Same as Old Boss.


Definitely not broke, so...

The 360 controller is arguably the best controller of all-time. So why would Microsoft change, well, anything? Good news: they didn't. Sure, the directional pad is tighter and the triggers feel tweaked, but overall, Xbox One's controller is pretty much the same controller FTW.

3. Game DVR has Potential.

I'm curious to see what the Red vs. Blue team will do with this.

We all saw this coming. The age of Facebook, Instagram and Vine would usher in the age of game sharing. So, along with Xbox One being connected to all your other social medias, Microsoft created the Upload app. While playing, the Xbox One is always recording up to five minutes of footage. All you do is say "Xbox: Record that" and it already has.

The gameplay is captured in full 1080p that can be edited and posted for all to see or whatever your privacy settings have deemed "see worthy" for your adventures in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. All those pirate battles! Captured forever!

This is one of those features that I'm hoping will blow me away even more in the years to come.

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