The 20 Coolest Illustrations from Star Wars Fanzines

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

13. He's Probably Bogarting the Wi-Fi, Too.

Scum & Villainy, 1979.

Artist: Connie Faddis.


Even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, hipsters on laptops in cafes are just the worst. (Especially when they're working on their movie scripts!)

14 - 16. Proto-Photoshop.

Galactic Flight #1, 1979.

Artist: Andre Henley.


While the work on the individual elements is swell, the refrigerator-magnet layout reminds quite a lot of the (awful, awful, awful) photo-based montage covers used on the Star Wars DVD releases. I'm not saying anything bad about Mr. Henley's work, mind you, and I actually quite like his Darth Vader profile - it's not an angle you see very often.

It continues on the back cover of the same issue, in which the heads get even more disembodied and floaty.


On the back cover of Issue #2, the great Teanna L. Byerts does a Galactica crossover. Jeez, Han 'n Chewie, could ya look a little more smug?


17. An Elegant Way of Settling Disputes, for a More Civilized Age.

Alderaan #10, October 1980.

Artist: Cathy Farci.


Flippin' for it! If Obi-Wan lost the coin toss, I bet he'd still disappear just like when Vader lightsabered him. He's a man of integrity, after all.

Notably, in the letters section, a male fan writes in to ask: "Can someone please tell me why almost all the SW zine eds and writers are women? You can't tell me that only women read fanzines, edit them, or write for them. But just from reading the contents page of any zine seems to prove otherwise." Son, you're askin' the wrong question. (The right question, to my way of thinking, is "Why aren't more men writing and editing SW 'zines?" Followed by, "Hey, why don'tI start my own 'zine?")

18. Hey, She Did Take on the Doomsday Machine.

Fanfare #3, October 1982.

Artist: K.W.


Finally! The most photogenic ship ever makes a long-overdue appearance. Some excellent cross-hatching on the Death Star, though.

19. Chewbacca Likes 'Em a Bit More Hirsute, I Think.

Jedi Riddle: Tale 10 of the MacShannon Chronicles, January 1983.

Artist: Melody Rondeau


Not pictured on the cover of this one-off is Galactica's Starbuck, who also figures into the story of the lead character attempting to rescue Spock from Darth Vader. And why not?

20. 0.5 Past Lightspeed? Yeah, Good Luck With That.

Enterprising Falcon, January 1983.

Artist: J.J. Adamson (read that last name again)


There are many more jokes I want to make about the Enterprise being faster than the Falcon, but I won't. Peace out!

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