The Weekend Hangover: Godzilla Movie Toy, Space Jam Burns, Piss Detectors, etc.

Monday, December 30, 2013 at 8:00 am

-Live-action Minecraft.

-News you can use: insta-Slurpee how-to.

-Underland: The Last Surfacer. Shot in three days.

-The T-rex/dragon illusion that's been making the rounds.

-Can Bugs Bunny keep kosher with a Porky pal?

-If Shia LaBeouf is so fond of copying, can he copy a better actor next time?

-Nintendo's latest ploy to win the handheld wars: randomly include porn in some of them.

-Parents and baby remake movie scenes with a lot of cardboard.

-How a G-rated cartoon is actually all about animal sex.

-Mountain Dew barbecue sauce. That is all.

-Twitter really has jumped the shark.

-Build, Braid, Love.

-Frank Miller's not the only one who got to do a predictable Batman anniversary cover.

-Sherlock Holmes is public domain, just so long as you don't mention Watson's second wife.

-When you find the woman who is impressed with your three-story Optimus Prime, you should definitely marry her.

-I'd pay higher taxes to not see these commercials.

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