The Weekend Hangover: Vagina Stadiums, Amazon Drones, Ninja Pink Teddy Bears and More

Monday, December 2, 2013 at 10:00 am

via SlyDante777

Collecting highlights from the reader-submitted tips in the weekend open thread....

-Adult Swim's Rick and Morty is like an alcoholic Back to the Future (SlyDante777)

-Terminators tend to trip (10glfan59)

Also: the skull armchair that costs more than you can afford.

-Salted caramel turkey ice cream (James.k.Polk)

-There's someone for everybody. Even if you're a Ferris Wheel named Bruce (SlyDante777)

-Ball-jointed dragon toys that somebody stateside badly needs to start ripping off (rkwsuperstar)

-The trailer for Gothic Lolita Battle Bear, in which a girl and her pink teddy bear merge to form a Power Ranger, or something (SlyDante777)

-A submarine shaped like an Orca, so that SeaWorld can abuse you later (rkwsuperstar)

-The wedding cake that projects Donkey Kong, Dig Dug and Pac-Man (SlyDante777)

-The recurring prop newspaper (troi)

- 50 States in Lego. Possibly broadly stereotyped (rkwsuperstar).

-IQ test for your dog. Presumably if he doesn't eat his own bowel movements, he passes (James.k.Polk)

-Dinosaur toilets. Probably not the plot of Jurassic Park 4, but close enough (Gallen_Dugall)

Also: moon turnips! Novel, but not enough to make anybody actually enjoy turnips.

and: based on a fishing boat? Or something else that smells kinda like fish?

-All your favorite '80s music stars looking old and (mostly) terrible (skrag2112)

-Schoolgirls love tentacles, apparently enough to make it a game (Timely-Tardis-Lego)

-Crucial Adventure Time plot element in game most people hate (SlyDante777)

-Sin City TV series that, like most things Robert Rodriguez announces, will never happen (troi)

-Power bacon deodorant, so that Wayne Campbell will mistake you for a cop (troi).

-Snail shit colored tiling (SlyDante777)

-Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What's Called Being A Man! Let's see if the game can possibly live up to that title (FakeAssName)

-Adult erotic coloring book, that probably will not be used primarily for coloring (rkwsuperstar)

-Shark chokes on moose. Syfy wonders why they didn't think of that first (troi).

-Amazon is amassing a drone army (James.k.Polk)

Also there were 100 or so posts about things millennials supposedly don't remember, but since nobody on there mentioned 7up Gold, I will just refer you back to the thread itself if you'd like to see them all.

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