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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 6:00 am


Hannukah may be over, but there are still nine days until Christmas and ten to Kwanzaa, and if you don't have all of your gift items picked out by now, you should probably wrap it up soon. Luckily, in this competitive retail world we live in, rapid one-day processing and two day shipping is the norm, which means you still have time to place an order for that perfect item you've been searching for to finish up your holiday shopping. We scoured the Internet and found some items for everyone on your list, assuming that everyone on your list is some kind of geek, or has slightly geeky interests. Who knows, this may be the year you get them to go full geek - sometimes a little push is all they need!

[Editor's Note: Keep your eyes peeled, folks - we're giving away some of the items in this list! Look out for the ones that tell you to post a comment below to win. As with previous contests, you must be a registered commenter with email on your profile to win, and you get one comment, stating which item you want. Sharing the gift guide on Facebook and Twitter gets you one additional comment each. Giveaway ends Sunday at 11:59 pm.]


The Age of Ultron Hardcover


The biggest crossover event of the year for Marvel just so happens to share a title with the next Avengers movie, due in 2015. Does that mean the story will be the same? ...No, probably not. But was it an epic adventure in which the Avengers (including Spider-Man and Wolverine) and the Fantastic Four fought a bunch of evil robots and tried to prevent Ultron from taking over the world? Yes. Yes, it was. The recently released, 500-page tome collects the ten-issue maxi-series plus eight additional tie-in issues that complete the time-jumping storyline. The Marvel Comics fan on your list may already have the individual issues, and the Marvel movies fan on your list may not know who the hell Hank Pym is, but both will overcome these obstacles when presented with this big-ass hardcover book packed with awesome artwork by two masters of the splash page, Bryan Hitch and Brandon Peterson. Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada even gets in on the action for a few pages in order to introduce Angela to the Marvel U., thereby making this a halfway decent gift for fans of Neil Gaiman, as well. (Well, fans of Neil Gaiman that read Spawn.)


The Walking Dead Compendium 2


The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead left us all a little sad, but also a little happy: after a long period of kinda-sorta touching on elements of the comic books, the siege of the prison was pretty much on-the-money! Okay, not everybody died in the right order, but the prison being overrun by zombies and the main cast scattered to the wind is uncannily similar to the end of the comic's prison arc. So if you know anyone looking for the opportunity to jump into the comics, this is it - buy them the second compendium, so they can get a sneak peek at what might happen to Rick and Carl after the fall of the prison, and how they reconnect with the rest of the group. Sure, Andrea and Dale will have to take the place of Tyreese and Daryl, but Michonne, Glenn, Maggie will still be there, and upcoming TV survivors Abraham, Rosita and Eugene all turn up in this volume. It's 48 issues of potential spoilers!


Battle Beasts Vol. 1 Trade Paperback


Nearly everyone over the age of 30 remembers Battle Beasts from when they were a kid, but in this 2012 mini-series IDW threw out everything you knew about them (which admittedly, was not a lot) and created a whole new world based around the concept of animals smacking the hell out of each other. With a star-spanning story by Bobby Curnow and amazing artwork by Valerio Schiti (Journey into Mystery), the 4-issue mIni was collected into trade this year, with a kickass Dan Brereton cover. The perfect gift for that child of the 1980s you always suspected of being a furry.


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Hellboy: The Midnight Circus Hardcover


One of the greatest Hellboy comics ever written was the two-page story where a young Hellboy eats pancakes for the first time. So a full-length adventure starring the kid with the long horns and giant metal hand is automatically one of the greatest comics of all time. In this standalone adventure, the young Hellboy stops reading Lobster Johnson comics long enough to visit a circus with an infernal pedigree, and hilarity - whoops, I mean hellfire - ensues. Duncan Fegredo's art continues to deliver the best mix of cute and creepy to bring Mike Mignola's story to life, and the cover is another Mignola classic.


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