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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 6:00 am


Doctor Who 1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure Gift Set


When a TV show reaches 50 years old, it's going to develop factions. Some Doctor Who fans like the old Doctor Who and tolerate the new Who, while some love the new Doctor Who and appreciate that the old Who exists. So if you're not quite sure how your Who-watching listee leans, you can't go wrong with this gift set. It takes the First Doctor and pairs him with the recently regenerated Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, in a metal lunchbox that has a First Doctor side and an Eleventh Doctor side. Plus, these are 8-inch Mego-style retro figures, which means their clothes are removable for wacky garment-swapping hijinks.


Marvel Select Winter Soldier Figure


One of the most anticipated movies of next year is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not only is it another step down the road to Avengers: Age of Ultron, it heralds the arrival in the cinematic Marvel Universe of the titular Winter Soldier, one of the most exciting and beloved comic characters to be introduced in the last decade. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Marvel Comics reader with a bad thing to say about the Soldier, so picking them up a 7-inch action figure of the guy, complete with a sniper rile and diorama base, is a pretty safe bet. It's not the movie version, but if the person actually reads comics, and doesn't just go see the movies of them, he's not going to care.


Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile


The fact that the classic Batman TV series has finally been opened up to licensing, and the sheer variety of products that have come out in the wake of that announcement is simply staggering. But the existence of a 6-inch action figure line based on the old show is a thing of wonderment. God only knows how long Mattel will be able to keep it going - their track record with collector lines is spotty at best - but any fan of the show (or of toys in general) would be happy to have a Batman, and over the moon to have a Batmobile to put him in. So go out and pick up this 18-inch long Batmobile, which seats two action figures, then shell out the extra money to buy Batman and Robin in a wall-climbing two-pack. Or don't. How much do you like this person, really?


The Walking Dead Minimates Series 4


Millions were saddened when the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead bid farewell to the Governor. We won't tell you how it bid farewell, or who did the bidding, and with what, but rest assured he is probably never coming back. So why not give the gift of the Governor this holiday season? The latest series of 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, based on the characters' comic book appearances, includes the Governor, two of his goons, Michonne in her poncho, prison doctor Alice and two identical shirtless zombies. The Governor includes both one-eyed and two-eyed heads for customization, and Michonne's poncho is removable, in case anybody else in the set gets cold.


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