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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 6:00 am


Star Trek: The Next Generation Bathrobes


Now that nostalgia for the 1990s is in full effect, Star Trek: The Next Generation is taking its place as the beloved Star Trek of record, with Picard and company getting referenced everywhere (well, except in those TOS-bastardizing Abrams movies). So while you're also able to find 24th-century-uniform T-shirts, pajamas and hoodies, there is nothing so elegantly luxurious as the Next Generation Bathrobe. Whether you're sitting in your ergonomic chair on the bridge or sipping a cup of hot Earl Grey in your ready room, you will look not at all out of place wearing one of these beauties. After all, half the sentient species in the galaxy wear robes, from what we've seen on TV, and we're pretty sure they aren't wearing pants underneath, either.


Battle Cat Costume Hoodie

Pay homage to the awful holiday sweater with this awesome holiday sweatshirt! You'll have the eye of the tiger with this hoodie based on He-Man's faithful mount, the yellow-on-green tiger-striped Battle Cat. It has two modes, one with just a few teeth around your face (Cringer Mode) and one with the full-on battle mask (Cringeworthy Mode). True, they also make Orko and Skeletor hoodies, but this might actually be the classiest this one is actually triple-purpose - if you wear it with the hood down, it could easily pass for a Tiger Force uniform from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. So it you have a 1980s-loving loved one on your list, this hoodie should cover all the bases. Now you know! And knowing is half the Battle Cat.


"King of Chemistry" T-Shirt


Living as we do in the Golden Age of Television, there are constantly dozens of TV shows competing for our attention and our hearts. But if there are two shows that have captured the zeitgeist in the past year more than others... well, they were both The Walking Dead. But the other two shows that captured the zeitgeist were Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Thrones cut a swath through its own cast as the medieval bloodbath entered its third season, while Breaking documented the rise and fall of meth maker Walter White in the series-ending Season 5. Seating Walter on the Iron Throne, thereby signifying his rise to power, and replacing the throne's swords with meth crystals is a brilliant amalgamation of the two shows, thereby rendering your argument completely, fatally invalid.


Back to the Future Marty Hat


It's your kids, Marty! Something's gotta be done about your kids! Their hats are totally insane! One of the many delightfully random details in the Back to the Future film series is the hat worn by Marty McFly, Jr. in the year 2015. Like everything else in the future, it is shiny, brightly colored, and only stylish by what we have to assume are degenerated futuristic standards. But the hat is instantly identifiable as Marty Jr.'s, and this replica, while a little stiff, is the ultimate conversation piece, as well as being kind of a chick magnet. Assuming the person you are giving it to is not a sports fan, this will automatically become the coolest baseball hat they own.


Tune in to Topless Robot tomorrow for our ANTI-Gift Guide, featuring the things you should NOT buy!

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