6 Reasons You Should Watch Bullet in the Face

By Sherilyn Connelly in Daily Lists, TV
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6:00 am

4. It's So Violent, You'll Make the Parents Television Council Cry if You Watch It.

Parents Television Council

The warning about the hole-in-the-head clip notwithstanding, Bullet in the Face is not all that gory a show. There are lots of gunshots and squibs and rampant amorality - if you're expecting an arc in which living the life of a cop results in Gunter becoming a better person, especially because it's a comedy and people are supposed to learn things in comedies, you may be a tad disappointed - but it's far from torture porn, or even the sustained ickiness of an average episode of The Walking Dead, which kept Bullet in the Face from being the most violent show on cable in the Parents Television Council's An Examination of Violence, Graphic Violence, and Gun Violence in the Media report for the 2012-2013 season.

Granted, the six 22-minute episodes of Bullet were only broadcast in August 2012, and there are no more episodes being produced, which actually makes the fact that it's so high up on the list all the more impressive. (And, hey, there's Justified! Best scripted live-action drama on the air right now, for my money.)

Even better, after Mr. Spencer tweeted proudly about his over-the-top comedic fantasy making the list of Most Extremely Violent Shows, the Communications and Policy Director for the PTC essentially (and unwisely) picked a fight with him on Twitter.

Of course, "owning it" is exactly what Mr. Spencer was doing, and there's some serious pwnage, too. Here's the whole lulzy thing.

5. It Has a Catchy Theme Song.

I'm a sucker for a nifty theme song; there were times that I stuck with the early seasons of Smallville largely because of how much I liked Remy Zero's "Save Me." (Note: I am in no way comparing Bullet in the Face to Smallville.) Bullet's catchy techno theme is by AmA; a budget-friendly rewrite of her original song "Dispatch," it also lays out the themes, as theme songs kinda should by definition:

Is he good, is he bad
Psychopath or sexy cad
Sin or saint
The sinner fell
But the saint wound up in hell
They took his face, gave him another
He changed his place
Bullet in the face

Got it? Good.

6. It's Short.


What are you, busy? The total running time is 135 minutes. Trust me, you've watched stuff lately that's a lot longer and lot less entertaining. Mind you, it ends with a cliffhanger that's quite a kick in the teeth. I asked Mr. Spencer if there's any plan to continue on the story in a different medium; just because half the major characters [SPOILER REDACTED] and the other half [SPOILER REDACTED] doesn't mean their adventures have to end.

"I'd been approached by graphic novel company about putting out a companion piece to Bullet in the Face," Mr. Spencer said, "but once the network got cold feet and unceremoniously aired the series over two nights as 'an event,' those talks dissipated. Perhaps if the DVD from Shout! Factory sells well, and all indications are that it will, those talks will resume. In the meantime, anyone interested in hearing more about the show can always follow me on twitter (@MrAlanSpencer) or call me at home, preferably after the dinner hour. I tend to eat around six."

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