Ask Luke's Mother-in-Law: Wolverine vs. Superman, Yak Milk and Crazy Cats

Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 8:00 am

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Luke's mother-in-law is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

Hello and Happy Thursday to you all. It's really Wednesday, but this seems to post on Thursday - so Happy Thursday. Well, Tuesday night we had a Battle Royal at my house. During cat feeding time, one of my outdoor kitties (I have 5 at last nose count) ran into the house. For once, the 3 indoor cats did not seem to worried about it there was no hissing, growling etc. Frizzy was having a great time chasing it thru the halls. Boo and Felix just sat around. Anyway about 3 hours later and the living room totally upended I was able to get "Bangs" into a carrier. We call this one Bangs as it is white except for the head which is grey and it looks like straight bangs above the eyes. This morning I have the battle scars: 3 fingers were bitten and several good scratches around the wrists. Anyway, outdoor kitty is back out of the house and the world has been restored in the house.

So now as I start work on this week's, I just got my cup of coffee, so I may be ready to tackle these. Each week I am trying to let you know a bit about me. Last week I mentioned that I like music. One of my biggest faves is showtunes - yes I'll admit to that; anyone else? Raise of hands. When I was little we were always taking the train to New York to see a show. Then when we were transplanted to California it was into LA for shows. I passed this love of musical theater on to my daughter. At the age of 5 she started doing shows. At 5 she also got her first rejection as an actor (she is still acting and a SAG/AFTRA member now). She was beat out for Baby June in Gypsy by an older girl who could read better - that's show biz.

I cut my teeth on the Beatles. I was allowed to stay up late to see them on Ed Sullivan when they hit New York. Love Iron Butterfly, Moody Blues, Carpenters, Crosby, Stills etc. I will also admit to Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. Here is a funny story on Bobby Sherman: my boyfriend at the time's older brother was in a back up band for Bobby, so I got to go to a couple of parties at his house (totally G-rated). Anyway, several years later I was standing at attention on the LAPD parade field, and who was a guest inspector that day but Bobby Sherman, in full uniform. Well a few minutes later he was in front of me and the next thing I heard was "I know you, where do I know you from". My Sgt. became very interested in my answer, which was "Sir, parties at your house sir!" A very formal situation became very informal really quickly. So mom lesson for the day - always leave a good impression; you never know when someone may remember who you are.

Well, enough, I am sure you are all waiting for this week's gaggle of geese, so here we go.

Kyle A: What's the best fandom to become a part of if you want everyone to think you're cool?

Well, to start with, I would not worry about everyone thinking that I am cool. You are cool no matter what others' opinions are, and why be a sheep? Be an individual and a trail blazer. I find that it is best to be a fan of many things; never put all of your eggs in one basket. Multiples are better and you get to meet more people that way. For example, I have acting friends, music friends, football, books, magic, sci-fi, etc. and they don't always cross over.

But for maybe the best is fans going to something like Comic-Con. Here you can be anything you want, and to any degree. To be a fan is to have a passion for something. Find your passion and that could be anything from being a great science student in school to loving something like Marvel, Star Trek, Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc. Be a fan of the world and being kind to others. Sometimes just being nice to the underdog can make people think you are really cool.

John M: Many of us nerds have a problem with knowing when and when not to share our geeky passions. Can you give advice on when it might be more appropriate to hold our tongues?

Yes, I am surrounded by geekdom in my house and with my family. Especially now when LYT comes for a visit. My dining room table is generally taken over by Topless Robot. We just eat around him and make sure he eats as he is generally very involved with getting things out to all of you.

Decorating your office cubby in action figures is a good place to draw the line, unless of course your job is to review the things. You should see LYT's office: floor to ceiling of the stuff. But of course it's his job, so okay for him but maybe not for your office.

Being out to dinner with people who may already think you are on the odd side - don't open your mouth and confirm it.

Getting a traffic ticket. The cop does not care that you were playing Jedi fighter in the 25 mph residential zone and they don't have stop signs in space.

When you start seeing the people you are around getting that glazed over look and they start to move away. Education on your passion is one thing, but diarrhea of the mouth is not good. This would generally be a good time to stop the geek and pick a more generic topic.

Remember, you can always let it rip when you are at a fan event or even when you are with your fellow geeks.

Kyle A: At what point in a fight with my hypothetical girlfriend is it ok for me to pull out the "Yeah? Well I wish you were Katee Sackhoff!" line and have it be appropriate?

Kyle got a 2fer this week. Well, as she is a hypothetical girlfriend, why don't you just hypothetically change her to Miss Sackhoff? Walowitz has a real girlfriend and he gets in the tub with Miss Sackhoff. I love that episode of Big Bang, especially when she and George Takei are trading comments. Now, if she is a real girlfriend, I would never use this line as you may not like the results. Keep in mind it is sometimes difficult for boy geeks to find girls who are either geeks themselves or who are willing to put up with a geek. Also if she has no reference to Battlestar or Big Bang she may think you have another lady on the side. This could lend a very, very bad result.

Mag L: Here is my question: At what point do you go from being a cat person to being a crazy cat person?

Well, this one required my second cup of coffee for the morning, a bagel and a hi-level consult with 3 experts in the field of crazy cat people. Let me introduce you to my 3 experts:


Frizzy is the baby of the group; he is in my TR picture.

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