Roger Corman's Fantastic Four Movie to Come to Screens...Sort of

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, DVDs
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:30 am


I used to intern for Roger Corman, and the poster above was framed on the wall in his offices - the only movie he made that was never released. I'm sure everyone here knows the story - Marvel wanted the rights back, and Avi Arad paid the producers to never release such a cheap version.

The movie itself will probably never be publicly available, but a new documentary, Doomed, aims to tell the entire story, and will show some of the footage for the first time legally anywhere, alongside in-depth interviews with everyone involved. Curiously, this is NOT a Kickstarter - there's a website with a PayPal donation button, and DVD presales, along with the above poster for $99 - I presume Corman's participation in the documentary includes tacit approval of such sales.

Now, let us hope Fox doesn't pay these filmmakers not to release their footage...

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