The Long Weekend Hangover: Attack on Titan Porn, Chogokin Hello Kitty, Dinos at a Gun Show

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 8:00 am


If you weren't glued to your computer all week, here are some of the stories you missed from the open thread. Submissions this week came from Anyone00, SlyDante777, Timely-Tardis-Lego, NOT.DrAbraxas, Gallen_Dugall, troi, skrag2112, Rx79immigrant84, rkwsuperstar, James.k.Polk.

-With K-Stew getting intimate in a version of 1984, and Andy Serkis reinventing the politics of Animal Farm, George Orwell should going for quite a spin this year.

-A dark reboot of...well, you'll see.

-Super Smash Bros. meets The Empire Strikes Back

-I have not had it with these motherfuckin' dinosaurs at this motherfuckin' gun show.

-If you've never wanted to be a cat-slug, now you might.

-I don't know what to say about this. Good nightmare?

-To the RoboSpiderMobile!

- Well shit, man.

-Disney has an official toy of "Nerd Ariel." As part of series 66, which, considering they also own Star Wars, implies that we should be annihilating all of them.

-I'd love for the Razzie awards to go out on a limb and nominate something like August: Osage County just to puncture a few balloons. Instead, they go with easy - and in this case, sometimes ill-informed - choices.

-Urine for a treat, I can smell it.

-I don't wish to mock the homemade sex doll, but I feel very, very sad for the one who needs it.

-Double o's really can be a license to kill. Also, boobies.

-The virtual boyfriend game. If it's realistic, it'll go into sleep mode before you're done playing.

-Miley Cyrus and John Kricfalusi. If it were a cop buddy movie, you'd never believe it. Instead, it's a real business deal.

-A semen-based cookbook. You really are what you eat.

-Nothing sets the mood for sex like laser lights and a studio audience.

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