A Contestant Dishes: 7 Things to Expect in Season 2 of King Of The Nerds

By Melissa Molina in Daily Lists
Friday, January 24, 2014 at 6:00 am

3. The De-Throning


Xander: "Fans of the first season will see the downfall of King Celeste, as the elder nerds search for the successor to the Season 1 King!"

If you're familiar with fantasy and historical stories about kings of the past, you know that most of them met their fate through unfortunate circumstances. Long live King Celeste! The first season starts off with the demise of King Celeste, leaving the throne of the new Nerdvana open for any contestants. There are already some murmurs, which I'm all for spreading, that Xander may be the right geek/nerd to keep our eyes on as the season progresses, but this could still be anybody's game. Does that mean the soon-to-be King is in danger of losing his/her crown the minute they earn it at the end of this season? I want to see a LARP fight break out if this is so. Fight, fight, fight! LARP, LARP, LARP!

2. Come and Knock on Their Door


Xander: "Some amazing guest stars are lined up to help judge the nerds, including Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, Napoleon Dynamite himself - Jon Heder, and the science guy that was in our classroom -Bill Nye!"

Now I've never been the kind of person who's been interested in signing up for a reality show competition, but I can definitely get down with seeing Bill Nye the Science Guy on any television program, especially King of the Nerds. Mayim Bialik is a pretty gorgeous woman outside of The Big Bang Theory, so it would be funny to see a couple of our fellow geeks/nerds begin to drool over the sight of her. And I can only groan wondering how many Napoleon Dynamite quotes will be uttered out of contestants' mouths when Jon Heder walks in front of them.

And was that George Takei I saw in a recent King of the Nerds ad? Oh my, I hope so. But we're giving too much attention to them and not enough to Bill Nye the Science Guy! I hope there's some sort of swing dancing competition that he has to judge whenever he appears on the show, just to throw people off a bit. Yes, if you didn't know, Bill Nye is one fun swing dancer. I've never danced with him but I would never be opposed to the opportunity if it came, er, nigh.

1. A Different Kind of Finale


Xander: "And finally, the biggest difference this season is the change in how a King is crowned! If you were unhappy with how the outcome was determined in Season 1, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise at the finale of this season!"

There was a lot of chatter about how things were handled with the finale of season 1; particularly which lucky contestant was crowned King of the Nerds. You may have even gone on YouTube or your favorite message board to complain to high heaven about who you wanted to see sit in the Throne of Games; certainly plenty of other fans did. TBS apparently caught wind of how they handled the finale, took notes, and are going to take a different approach. Whatever that will be, I just hope to God it's not as anti-climatic as the first season.

Maybe the ending will take a Game of Thrones approach, turning the finale into a tie and thus dividing the throne into two factions. There will be the King of North Nerdvana and the King of South Nerdvana, but with a lot less bloodshed and sex.


King of the Nerds airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS.

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