The Weekend Hangover: Simpsons Lego, Levitating Soundwaves, King Tut Erections

Monday, January 6, 2014 at 8:00 am

-New video game has a 7-11 dungeon. Or as we like to call them, a 7-11.

-Patrick Stewart is a-moo-sed.

-Soundwaves can levitate stuff, but not yet eject transforming cassettes.

-3D-print yourself with a Kinect.

-Neil Gaiman gets board of Lovecraft.

-Robo-doc needs some prime directives put in place.

-"Bury Me With a Boner" need to be a country song, and soon, even if it does have a pagan worldview.

-Finding time travelers online is probably still easier than finding someone who'll actually date you.

-Some knob-warming action.


-A Space Invaders TV show, with interactive shooting like Captain Power? I'd call that long overdue.

-The Hidden Ecosystem of the Walmart Parking Lot. Yep, I'll click on that.

-Online dating profile tips I could have used ten years ago.

-Soundwaves? Ha! Spray paint works just as well for levitating stuff. Right?

-An anime dating site, for folks who need a little reverse cowboy bebop in the bedroom.

-Pikachu period pads.

-Why did nobody tell me before that there was a game called Unicorn Makeout Mania?

-Honest Disney Song.

-Nothing wrong with scaly spandex.

-Rob Bricken can finally train to become a ninja without leaving town.

-Japan's creepiest helpful dog.

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