The Weekend Hangover: Glowing Giant Boobs, Ejaculating Bread, Gremlins Eat Snickers

Monday, January 13, 2014 at 8:00 am

-This robot's a hoser, eh?

-I actually prefer the raspy Bale-voice to this Batman.

-I'm guessing this is the UK equivalent of Adult Swim.

-Snowpiercer international trailer ups the motherfuckin' stakes on this motherfuckin' train.

-Need some Twi'lek sparkle?

-Ringo Starr wishes he were a Powerpuff Girl. Can I just say that the use of phrases like "wish I was" and "if I was to say" in songs are hugely responsible for half the grammar mistakes I made in high school English? (Conditional form is "were" - let every pop star know.)

-Image is everything - or at least a few new things.

-Star Trek Into Derpness

-Why do have the feeling this could be the next "The Fox"?

-Fuck air travel. I mean...wait...I didn't mean it LIKE THAT.

-Peter Mayhew's candid Star Wars shots.

-What are you lookin' at, butthead?

-How to train your scientist to make you a dragon.

-Four years a slave to this stop-motion project.

-WHOSE BADFEELING THIS? The Star Wars casting/meeting talk so far...

-You've heard that Jesus probably wasn't white. But these Christian "rappers" insist he's their nigga. If this video is real, the church that made it has closed down, for reasons I'm sure we can imagine.

-Lego Spider from Wild Wild West because why?

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