Lego Non-Stop Trailer Really Ought to Have Starred Liam Neeson as"Bad Cop"

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, TV, Toys
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 10:00 am


I love this Lego trailer for Liam Neeson's Non-Stop. I love the level of detail, from the green-brick behind of the MPAA trailer approval to every seat inside the plane.

I just have to ask...why pass up the most obvious in-joke ever, by not having Liam Neeson's humorless villain character from The Lego Movie portray his humorless hero in this new action movie? Did the Poh'lish remover of Nai'il get to the cast before the filmmakers could?

Watch the clip, and then we'll ask Key and Peele...

What say you, comedic duo?

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