The Top 7 Ways Vision Will (Probably) Attempt to Kill His Teammates in The Avengers 2

By Charles Webb in Comics, Daily Lists, Movies
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 6:00 am

3. ...And What About His Evil Twin? (Anti-Vision)


Okay, not quite his evil twin, but his alternate universe counterpart. Folks, meet Anti-Vision.

Hailing from Earth-932, you'd think that an opposite version of Vision would be a sythezoid not prone to screwing over his own team, but nope: he sucks no matter which dimension made him.

Making his debut in Avengers #359, Anti-Vision was used to infiltrate the Earth-616 Avengers on behalf of the multiversal killer Proctor in a plot to kill the Eternal and sometime Avenger, Sersi.

Well, that all went sideways: not only did Anti-Vision fail to kill Sersi, but he drove 616 Vision insane (which is apparently really, really easy to do).

Sure, Anti-Vision wasn't "our" Vision's fault, but you have to imagine that as you spin further and further out of the multiverse, you're just going to get worse versions of Vision out there looking to kill Avengers.

2. ...Or His Legion of Evil Duplicates?


If you think one Vision is a pain, imagine a legion of them, created only for killing.

In the alternate universe follow-up to "Avengers Disassembled," the Scarlet Witch casts a spell which makes mutants the dominant race in a regime controlled by her father, Magneto.

And what place did the love of her life have in this new utopia? Why, he was a security experiment by Stark Industries. The sad part, here, is that in this new universe where nearly every character is given precisely what they want, Vision is shunted off to being a robot security.

Which makes us wonder: is that what Vision's secret wish of wishes is? To be a joyless, personality-free android experiment? In any event, this version of Vision wasn't an immediate threat to his fellow Avengers, but really, we can chalk that up to House of M not running long enough for him to show his true, terrible colors.

1. Forget Ultron - Vision Might Go Skynet On Us All!


Stop me if you've heard this one: a rogue AI, convinced that it has the key to world peace, takes over global defense networks.

That's what happened in the late '80s when Vision's control crystal went a little wonky, causing the synthezoid to flip out and seize control of the world's computers and defense networks, making the Vision's dickery global.

Putting aside the fact that it was yet another case of Vision being driven mad by external factors (this time, contact with the Titan supercomputer, ISAAC), this development creates so many questions: after a couple of decades of Vision screw-ups, who thought it was a good idea to let him network with anything more complex than the Avengers Mansion home entertainment center? And after this, why wasn't there an immediate U.N. resolution calling for the melting down and shooting into the sun of Vision's remains?

There was some fallout, of course: a team called "Vigilance" was formed for the express purpose of wiping Vision's memory in the hopes that it was just a software glitch causing him to go crazy - their plan ultimately led to all traces of Vision being wiped from the world's computer networks.

So look out, movie Avengers: no matter how soothing that calm, robotic voice sounds, it's attached to a nutty AI that will - in time - flip out and totally try to kill you.

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