Weekend Desk Cleaning and Open Thread: Happy Valzident's Day!

Friday, February 14, 2014 at 8:01 pm


It is not only Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend, but we also have both the New York Toy Fair and Gallifrey One happening. Monday is a holiday for me, but stay tuned to Topless Robot on Twitter, as we have a guy at Toy Fair over the weekend.

In the meantime, before you all unleash the hounds, here are some last-minute items that got cut for time...

-TOPLESS ROBOT MERCHANDISE is coming! Just bumper stickers for now. All sold at cost.

-Kickstarter for "Period Panties" that feature slogans like "Cunt Dracula" and "Bleeder of the Pack. Also a possibly actionable Grumpy Cat flipping you off.

-The Equestria Girls sequel is coming this year.

-A Catwoman-themed fashion show that somehow manages to be totally unsexy.

-K*Nex does Lego ripoff with Family Guy minifigs. You tink daaat's bad? Why yes, yes I do.

-'90s MTV Alternative Nation fixture Maggie Estep has died.

-Biplanes versus Tripods in new animated War of the Worlds movie.

-Sorry fellas, Ellen Page is forever off the market to you. Ladies - we have some good news...

- "Angry Birds Stella"? Is Marlon Brando suggesting new game names from beyond the grave?

Tipsters included Greggory Basore, Eric Diaz, SlyDante777, and possibly others I'm forgetting.

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