Weekend Hangover: Lego Simpsons, Wooden Dick, Chicken Tail, Gummy Travolta

Monday, February 10, 2014 at 8:00 am

-When Kyle sent me this tip I was hoping it meant Archie might actually meet Mega Man.

-Car get crushed, me like.

-Buy a game, get free Red Bull and glowing condoms. Only in Italy.

-The oldest Star Trek meme that became a book is now becoming a series.

-Card Wars, nothing but Card Wars! Maybe one thing and Card Wars! Let these Card Wars stay.

-Amazon wants to make a video game console? Will it be delivered by drones?

-"Wire" you staring at these books? Do they have an unusual bent?

-Donal Logue isn't starring as TV's Jim Gordon, after all.

-Bangkok, oriental setting, and a samurai-robochef's what the city is getting.

-No, the detective from Death Note did not have a kid.

-Puppies inside of cookies, to the theme of Murder, She Wrote - something not quite right here.

-A He-Man meme gets Titan-sized.

-How can you dog on a pizza that wants to wagyu?

-John Travolta signed on to play this thing in a movie.

-Behind the scenes of the Attack on Titan car commercial.

-Guys named Francis nab the coolest bikes. RIGHT, PEE-WEE?

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