10 RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Who Should Star in the Jem Movie

By Eric Diaz in Daily Lists
Friday, March 21, 2014 at 6:00 am

7. Detox as Pizzazz


Phyllis Gabor, the green-haired bad girl better known as Pizzazz, is the leader of Jem's rival band, the Misfits. Portrayed on the show as a rich, entitled brat with a bad temper when provoked, usually by her own bandmates. She is easily the most vicious of the Misfits, and rarely shows any vulnerability; the definition of an Ice Queen.

Pizzazz should be played by none other than season five queen Detox. Detox is one fierce bitch who doesn't take shit from anyone (when she says she's had it, she's had it...officially.) Also, Detox gives a mean side-eye and has a truly epic sneer, truly worthy of the leader of the Misfits. She can also rock big '80s hair better than most of the queens in the show's history.

8. Sharon Needles as Roxy


Sharon Needles is maybe the biggest star to ever emerge out of RuPaul's Drag Race, winning season four and gaining a huge following of goth kids and outsider queens in the process. Sharon is as edgy and punk rock as it gets for RuPaul's Drag Race, which made a lot of the squeeky clean pageant girls hate her guts when competing with her.

Sharon's aesthetic is perfect for the Misfits' brand of bad girl rock. Of all the girls in the band, Roxy Pellegrini shows a bit more vulnerability than Pizzazz does, which fits Sharon, who is all spooky and edgy on the outside, but is just a big ol' teddy bear underneath. Also, more than most girls in the show's history, Sharon really knows how to rock a platinum wig.

9.Raven as Jetta


Raven is one of the most bad ass girls ever to compete on RuPaul's Drag Race, and she's been runner up for the crown not once, but twice (first on season two, then on Drag Race All-Stars) As her namesake implies, Raven has a dark edge, and if you cross her, she just might cut you. But much like the Misfit's Jetta, there is a diabolical brain underneath the tough exterior. During her season, Raven tormented and constantly mocked goody two-shoes contestant Tatiana, much like Jetta enjoyed tormenting the goody-goody girls from the Holograms.

Although she wore a variety of wigs during her seasons, Raven always worked a black wig like it was nobody's business, making her a natural match for Jetta. On the show, Jetta always clamied to be royalty of some sort, and I'm pretty sure Raven still believes that crown was hers and that she was robbed.

10. Raja as Stormer


Of all the members of the Misfits, Stormer is maybe the biggest softie who is just playing at being a hard ass tough chick. Despite her fierce style, it's all really an act, as Stormer is a sheep in wolf's clothing, often sympathizing with the plight of Jem and her poor Holograms. Season three winner Raja is very much like Stormer in this fashion; her style is super fierce, she comes off kind of like a super diva, and from the get-go she intimidated all the other girls on the show.

But underneath all that glamour and glitz and fierce competitiveness, Raja wasn't really as much of a "mean girl" as some of the others; she was actually kind of a sweetie. Unless she was making fun of Tyra Banks, and then the claws were OUT hunty.

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