The 5 Best Things About Clone Wars Season 6 (and 4 Lingering Questions)

By Jason Helton in Cartoons, Daily Lists, TV
Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 6:00 am

Lingering Questions:

1. Where in the Hell Is Ahsoka Tano?


When first introduced, Anakin Skywalker's unwanted Padawan Ahsoka Tano looked to be the new series' Jar-Jar. Eager for action, obnoxious and disrespectful, Snips, as she was referred to by her Master "Sky-Guy," looked like the weakest link in the new series. Thankfully, as the series matured, so did the Togruta Padawan.

At the conclusion of season five, Ahsoka is framed for murder, and while she beats the charges (not using the Johnny Cochran Chewbacca defense), she comes to the conclusion that the Jedi Order is not for her. She announces her intentions to leave just as the credits roll, and with plans for a sixth season iffy, it seemed we might never learn her fate. As season six opens, she is very noticeably missing. In fact, aside from essentially a 60-second cameo, she is absent from the entire sixth season, never even mention by her former master.

According to her voice actor Ashley Eckstein, Tano survived Order 66, and is rumored to appear in the forthcoming Star Wars: Rebels series. Is she a Jedi, a bounty hunter, one of Jabba's scantily clad alien dancing girls (two words: metal bikini)? I guess we'll have to see when the series premieres in the Fall. (PLEASE METAL BIKINI!!!)

2. For that Matter, Where in the Hell Is Darth Maul?!?!

If there ever was an underutilized character in the prequel trilogy, it would be either Darth Maul or his shishkabobing victim Qui-Gon Jinn. Like Boba Fett before him (or after him,depending on your point of view), Maul went out like a punk. He's essentially kicked the collective asses of two Jedi at the same time, only to be sliced in half by a parlor trick. As he plummeted down that chute, half the man he used to be, it was certain that we had seen the last of him. Until season four of The Clone Wars brought him back in a big way, reuniting him with his estranged brother Savage, and having the pair of them begin their own Sith crime syndicate.

When we last saw Maul, he was getting deep fat fried by Darth Sidious on Mandalore, his pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. As Sidious was making him dance the Electric Boogaloo, he declares that he's not killing Maul, and that he has plans for him. But like Padawan Tano, it's the last we see of the tattooed terror. While hints have been laid out that Tano may make an appearance in the forthcoming Rebels series, the rumor mill has been silent in regards to Maul. Perhaps we'll see him hunting surviving Jedi in the new series, or perhaps he's just going to fade away like an unwanted Force ghost. On a side the hell did he go to the bathroom after getting vivisected?

3. While We're at it...Where in the Hell Is Asajj Ventress?

All of the good evildoers seem to come from Dathomir. Between Maul and Ventress, they've got quite the collection of confirmed Jedi kill stickers on the sides of their ships. While Maul made the occasional appearance in the series, it was Ventress who was the true foil to Kenobi and Skywalker.

When we last saw her, Asajj was doing her best to escape the galactic conflict. Thought to be dead, she convinced the pilots of her medical ship to become her personal taxi service, and like that, she vanished, out of the series entirely. Not unlike Ahsoka Tano. In fact, when Tano found herself on the wrong side of Republic justice, it was Ventress, working as a bounty hunter who picked the exiled Padawan up. When it turned out they had more in common than expected, they became uneasy allies.

All that being said, a bounty hunting/mercenary team consisting of a former Jedi and Dark Jedi could be officially bad-ass. They could be the Jules and Vincent Vega of a galaxy far far away. Ventress could have a lightsaber that says "Bombad Mother Frakker" on it.

In fact, just about every question left over involves missing characters. Clone commander of the 501st, Rex, has vanished at the start of season six and is never mentioned, as well as several other characters. It's unlikely that all of their stories will be answered in the forthcoming Rebels series. Sadly, with the attention of so many focused on the future and the new trilogy, it's doubtful that many of these missing stories will be told.

4. Why Doesn't R2-D2 Remember a Goddamn Thing?!?!

At the end of Revenge of the Sith, the robotic odd couple of R2-D2 and C-3P0 are handed over to the care of Captain Antilles of the Tantive V, which just so happens to be exactly where they are first seen at the beginning of A New Hope. To prevent a massive venting of critical information from the protocol droid with permanent oral diarrhea, Antilles is ordered to have 3P0's memory erased, hence why he has no clue who Luke Skywalker is.

Here's the thing: Artoo never had his memory erased, at least not on screen. Sure, he could have been ordered not to tell Luke the whole tragic story of his father, but why the hell had he forgotten how to navigate landing on Dagobah when he had just visited there with Yoda less than two decades ago? Granted that's a long time for us, but I imagine 20 years is but a moment in the memory of an Astromech droid.

Wait...why didn't Artoo recognize Yoda? Even more: why didn't Yoda recognize Artoo when he was beating his shiny metal ass with a wooden cane? Sure, Yoda was old, but I'm pretty sure both of them hadn't contracted a rare form of Space Alzheimer's.

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