9 Insane Movie Trailers from the Grindhouse Horror Era

By Asher Cantrell in Daily Lists, Movies
Monday, March 3, 2014 at 6:00 am


Nowadays, movie trailers are APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES. Sometimes, the studios will get a little risque and toss a red band trailer with a few f-bombs at you. But back in the days of grindhouse horror, they didn't have to regulate a damn thing. (Which means that some of these contain nudity. They are clearly marked NSFW. This is your early warning.) This led to some of the most ridiculous trailers in cinema history.

1. Three on a Meathook

From the name alone, you can assume that this is a corny Texas Chainsaw Massacre knock-off. And it mostly is, with some maladjusted dude killing ladies and hanging them on meathooks because that was what you did in movies back then.

But where it gets weird is the insane voiceover. Some choice lines (though this is like half of it, because it's just that crazy):

"The twilight areas of a life destined to be spent in shadow and agony."

"Holding a black light to the dreams of childhood."

"A stolen life, pawned to a godless oblivion."

"The only ones left to mourn, the last witnesses to the execution, suspended in time by a puppeteer with blood on his hands, little broken dolls that go on dancing after the music is stopped."

It sounds like Rod Serling dropped an assload of peyote, then showed up to the wrong recording booth to do the narration for a completely different trailer.

2. Blood-Spattered Bride & I Dismember Mama (NSFW)

This is actually a trailer for a double feature of two films - Blood-Spattered Bride & I Dismember Mama. They're both stupid, but that doesn't matter, because the trailer barely shows anything from either. What's insane is the ridiculous trailer, wherein a fake reporter is covering a man "going berserk" at a theater showing the bill. This begins with two cops hauling the man and explaining that they have a specific law against going berserk at this particular theater, because that's an important legislative matter.

But that's followed up with some local yokel types, and then a creepy, bespectacled man giggling like a broken weed-whacker for half a minute straight. That's not an exaggeration. Finally, a hippie woman extols the virtues of the "Upchuck Cup" (in a stereotypical hippie manner) given to all patrons. Also, it turned her on, because that's something you say on TV.

And faking people going nuts was a thing in old horror movie trailers, like this one for a triple feature called Orgy of the Living Dead. This guy really tries to sell the madness. Oh, and the filmmakers have even insured you against insanity! Bonus.

3. The Wizard of Gore

As if having the tackiest name in film history wasn't enough, The Wizard of Gore also had a bananas-ass trailer, which is basically just a guy performing torture porn as magic tricks for a few minutes before decapitating himself, which also happens to turn his head into a papier-mâché version of Col. Mustard from Clue. That's some illusion!

If you don't catch the last 30 seconds or so, the entire film would seriously appear to just be an insane guy in a magician's outfit doing a re-enactment of Hostel.

4. Carnage

Also known as Twitch of the Death Nerve, which is kind of a weird title since I don't think we have a "death nerve", but hell, I'm no doctor. Modern audiences complain about trailers that tell you absolutely nothing about a movie, but it turns out that's nothing new.

In this old Mario Bava trailer, there's a lot of LSD and not much of anything else. It's basically just a lot of colors and trippy music for three minutes. At least they knew their audience. Don Draper himself probably couldn't come up with advertising this '60s.

5. Bloody Pit of Horror

This is apparently a movie about a man who tortures women while wearing the most ridiculous costume in history. It's like if The Phantom (the old serial one) went to a BDSM bar on his nights off, but still didn't want anyone to recognize him. Also, he's called The Crimson Executioner, which sounds about as scary that costume looks, so good synergy there, guys. It's apparently based on the writings of the Marquis de Sade, but I don't recall him writing anything about a leftover He-Man villain who wears Mr. T-sized bling.

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