Why Is the Bat-Signal in This Official Pic of Donal Logue as Bullock in Gotham?

By Luke Y. Thompson in Comics, TV
Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm


As you may recall, the last time I got a press release about Gotham, it made a huge deal about the fact that we were not supposed to call it a Batman show. The new one, debuting the official look of Harvey Bullock, doesn't even mention Batman, saying...

GOTHAM is a crime drama that explores the origin stories of eventual Police Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie - Southland) and the rogues' gallery of villains that made the city infamous.

Right then. So what the fuck is that thing right over his head that would appear to be a searchlight with a Bat-symbol in the middle of it?

I see two major possibilities here: One is that this is all a big swerve and that this will become a Batman show. Two is that something extremely similar to - but not - the Bat-Signal exists, and at some point, Kid Bruce will stare at it and go, "Wow! Cool!"

(Three is that they don't vet their own marketing materials.)

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