The 10 Hottest Scenes From SXSW's Sexiest Movies

By Fred Topel in Daily Lists, Movies
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 6:00 am

Sasha Grey is terrorized in Open Windows

I was in Austin all week for the South by Southwest film and interactive festival, and maybe going without sleep for a whole week has given me a dirty mind, but let's face it, I'm not above T&A. If you've never been to a film festival, well, it can be better than watching late night Skinemax. A lot of indie filmmakers think showing lots of tits is a way to be get noticed...and they're right! Look at me: I'm writing a whole list of all the best sex scenes in SXSW movies.

A few of the scenes I picked don't have full nudity, but the naughty ideas are so good you can use your imagination. I left off the new Sasha Grey movie, Open Windows, because her nude scene involves blackmail, stalking and violence so I wouldn't want to call that sexy. Plus, who hasn't seen Sasha Grey naked already? Make note of all of these titles, because once they come out on DVD or VOD, you can watch them in the privacy of your own and what you do with them when no-one else is looking is none of my business.

10. Human Sponge in Big in Japan

Big in Japan
Tennis Pro performs in Big in Japan

Big in Japan is a fairly innocent comedy about a real life band named Tennis Pro who get offered gigs in Japan. They share a communal boarding house with a woman who may or may not be a prostitute, but we'll never know because she doesn't speak English.

The sexy part is a little too quick, but you do see some boobies. The Tennis Pro boys end up in a bathhouse where women perform a service called human sponge. This means they take off all their clothes, soap themselves up and rub themselves on the customer. Nothing says clean like soapy boobies!

9. All the Dry Parts in Wetlands

WETLANDS (2013) Trailer from Richard Lormand on Vimeo.

There's a lot of graphic nudity in this German movie, but it's so gross that I'm leaving it near the top of the list. That clearly won't get everyone off, but you never know. Some people will be into it. It's like somebody finally made the German Scheisse film from South Park, but the girl in it is so cute it's still kinda hot sometimes.

Helen (Carla Juri) is a highly sexual girl who collects and saves all her bodily fluids, including pus from her anal sores and her boyfriends' semen. When she gets an anal fissure from shaving her a-hole, she tries to Parent Trap her divorced parents by making them visit her together in the hospital. I'm not selling this, am I? It's full of weird fantasy imagery and nothing is off limits sexually. Just beware if you're squeamish.

8. Groundhog Day Sex in Premature


Most teen sex comedies have a hot girl that the hero gets one shot with. Well, in Premature he gets shot after shot after shot until he can stop prematurely ejaculating. Yes, Premature is a Groundhog Day style teen sex comedy, only the clock resets every time he cums.

Rob (John Karna) gets his chance with the school babe Angela (Carlson Young) when a study date turns into Angela seducing Rob. If not for Rob's little problem, he would have scored. Luckily, the day keeps repeating so he can practice his moves with Angela. Young is a hot little discovery, and don't worry, she's legal. She's only playing a high schooler.

In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray complained that he didn't get to relive the day he had great sex on the beach. Well, it's not quite paradise, but Rob does get to relive the day he loses his virginity. Hmm, now that I say that out loud, that's not exactly my ideal sexual performance either, but it's a hilarious comedy and a hot babe.

7. Mark Duplass Takes a Bath in Creep

Mark Duplass is a Creep

To keep this list fair and balanced, you see Mark Duplass's ass in Creep. He plays a weirdo who's hired a videographer to document his final days before cancer will consume him, to make a video diary for his unborn child. If that sounds sweet, be sure to remember that the movie is called Creep.

In attempting to record an open-ended video of giving his future son a bath, Duplass drops his pants and gets in the tub. We even see his a little bit of his pubes, but the pants don't drop low enough to risk earning the film an NC-17. I actually thought Creep sucked - it's just another lousy found-footage movie with cheap scares - but hey, if there's nudity, I've got to do my job and finish this list.

6. Frat Party/Suburban Sex in Neighbors


Neighbors is the big studio comedy coming out this summer with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Efron plays a fraternity house president who moves next door to Rogen's family, who have a newborn baby. There is some wild college party action with gratuitous nudity, just like in the good old days, but also some edgy fornication with Rogen and his hot wife played by Rose Byrne.

First, Byrne and Rogen try to have spontaneous sex but the baby keeps staring at them, which rightfully freaks Rogen out. Once the battle with Efron begins, they get caught having sex in their living room with the entire fraternity watching through the window. Now, these are major Hollywood stars with no-nudity clauses in their contracts, but we see a lot of leg in flexible sexual positions.

There is one unbelievable "nude" scene I won't spoil, that involves prosthetic private parts - but what happens with them is pretty bold on Byrne's part. Let's just say, when compared to Leslie Mann's CGI boobs in The Change-Up, Neighbors proves that old school practical makeup is better.

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