The Weekend Hangover: Boondocks, Diamond Armor, Viking Ghosts, More

By Luke Y. Thompson in Cartoons, Comics, Nerdery, Puppets, TV, Tech, Toys
Monday, March 17, 2014 at 10:00 am

-Everything is awesome...when your parrot plays dead. (Or pines for the fjords.)

-Jurassic Park with cats

-ZOMBOOBIES - looks so cheap and crass, I can hardly believe I didn't act in it.

-Before Aaron McGruder resurrects Jesus, he brings back The Boondocks

-Bulletproof diamond armor is useful if you're James Bond, or Tim and Eric looking to waste a movie budget.

-An origami elephant you'll never forget.

-Always bet on Black. Orphan Black.

-Dr. Proctor's Fart Powder is a gas.

-Just kick it like a superhero.

-Kamen Rider highlights keep it reel.

-Doom de-Doom Doom...Diorama?

-A new Cold War espionage game? Good timing.

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