The Weekend Hangover: Spider-Man Mail, Fake Penis Pants, Moisture Vaporators, More

Monday, March 24, 2014 at 10:00 am

-When I think Robert Frost, I think weird chess-like puzzle game with bumblebees and ghosts.

-The Jungle Book runs away to join the Serkis.

-Royale Assassin's Creed with cheese

-The Brave Little Toaster for realz, if he were a needy asshole.

-The dinosaur who's nothing but a chicken...from hell!

-Are you looking to buy Oddworld all over again?

-Be a patient gameplayer and bear with this...

-A true Dead Man's Hand.

-A Lego Robot breaks the world Rubik's Cube record. Maybe somebody can build me one to comb through the weekend thread and write these posts in mere minutes.

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