TR Interview: Brooke Seguin, Director of the Transformers 30-Minute Musical

By Luke Y. Thompson in Nerdery, Puppets, Toys
Friday, March 14, 2014 at 12:07 pm


LYT: Yeah. Then also, sort of the implication that maybe Shia LaBeouf had his breakdown based on being in these Transformers movies. Do you think that contributed?

BS: I think it totally could have. If you've grown up in a world of Hollywood, and his role model, the people around him, are people like Michael Bay - you know, geez. It's a whole other level of self-aggrandizing, self-importance.

LYT: You have that Dinobot interlude in the middle. What do you think of the Dinobots that you've seen so far in the new trailer?

BS: Well, you know, when I first saw that trailer watching the Super Bowl, like most people, and I was so sad. Because I knew at that point I had already written Dinobot jokes. I guess it's kind of like that thing if you're a kid when you first see Ewoks, you really, really love Ewoks.

LYT: Yeah.

BS: But older folks were not that into Ewoks. It's kind of the same thing. Dinobots are so funny, I loved the Dinobots when I was a kid. I kind of wanted to make that joke, like, "We didn't get Dinobots in Transformers. They didn't happen." Also, Arcee didn't happen, so it was kind of that thing.


LYT: Will the next one you do - maybe not necessarily the next one you do, but one down the line, are you looking at doing a Michael Bay Ninja Turtles one pretty quick, or would you maybe do Revenge of the Fallen instead?

BS: Oh, goodness. I don't know. I think I'll stay away from Michael Bay for a while. [chuckles] I think I'll stay away from him for a while. I know we're going to do a double feature of Top Gun and Road House next. We've done both of those before, so we're going to put them together for like a little '80s power hour. We'll do that in May. But yeah - I think I've kind of exorcised that demon for myself, for a little while and move on.

LYT: For my non-LA readers, is there a way to see Trans4mers? Is it going to be on YouTube? Will it travel anywhere else? That kind of thing.

BS: We will put some clips up, you know, and we're also working on just shooting some fun music videos - some things like that from the show. And we'll have - we'll be rolling out some things like that over the next few weeks or so.

LYT: No pun intended with the phrase "roll out"?

BS: [laughs] No pun intended! It's the perfect phrase - it applies everywhere.

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