The Weekend Hangover: Also, Everything Else That Was Additionally Not the Oscars Too

By Luke Y. Thompson in Miscellaneous
Monday, March 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm

-Big Trouble in Little China comic books - will they be as rare as green eyes?

-Fantasy design for a WWE Hall of Fame fails to take into account that somebody in creative will invariably mess up the plan.

-French series based on Heavy Metal, that looks like Syfy knock-off of Heavy Metal, will air on Syfy.

-Pokemon religions? I wish to not catch them all.

-A good game for the Wii U?

-Ghostcube. Cubeses in this guise.

-If "fourth-person" gameplay means something, this still doesn't tell me what it is.

-Black, black, black, black, number 2

-Super Terrific Japanese Wiener-Cleaner?

-Topher Grace's Star Wars re-edit, trailered.

-This won't win any Oscars either

-Maybe Marc Webb is making the newspaper version of Spider-Man.

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