Weekend Hangover: Harry Potter Prequels, Robo-Fish, Unreleased Gandalf Animation, More

Monday, March 31, 2014 at 10:00 am

-Want to see how hard an anime girl can suck?

-Darth Vader runs for president of Ukraine. He would have tried this shtick in Iraq, but he doesnt like sand. It gets everywhere.

-Wolfenstein Deluxe Edition comes with everything except the actual game.

-Absinthe addict game Spate finally comes out.

-So long and thanks for all the borscht.

-Resumes are awesome! Resumes this cool should make you part of the team!

-An advance look at Japanese Titanfall toys.

-You like big ponies? You like to put big ponies in your mouth? Well, what are you - a gay pony?

-Tom and Jerry, recreated with anime machinima

-In a nexus of suckitude, Corey Feldman teams with Henry Jaglom's favorite actress Tanna Frederick to create a music video called "DUH."

-Attack on Titanfall was inevitable

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