8 Batman Characters Who Might Be the Arkham Knight

By Charles Webb in Comics, Daily Lists, Video Games
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 6:00 am

4. Damian Wayne Returns From the Future


Ra's and Talia al Ghul figured prominently in Arkham City, so it wouldn't be too odd to imagine that the spawn of Batman and the daughter of his greatest enemy might somehow figure into Arkham Knight.

Damian made his debut early in Grant Morrison's run on Batman, the product of genetic engineering and ninja training under the League of Assassins. Talia hoped that by sending Damian to live with his father, it would not only help the boy become a better fighter and leader, but that it would also wreak havoc in Bruce Wayne's life.

Instead, Damian became a hero, and as Batman #666 showed up, the protector of Gotham, albeit with some kind of infernal deal with the devil granting him longevity.

Could it be possible that Damian saw something further down the timeline that would require him to go back and fight it out with this dad? It'd make sense to offer an anti-Batman who not only matches the Bat in the tech department, but, having trained under the real deal, knows everything about Bruce - including how to take him down.

A lot of fans didn't care for the cocky and frankly obnoxious Damian, but I think he grew into a scary little badass as time went on, ultimately falling in battle against an evil, aged, clone of himself.

If we got him back again, even in a heel turn, it would be great.

3. Ditto, Terry McGinnis


Alright, everything I just said about Damian coming back from the future, except sub in Terry from Batman Beyond and assume that if he's come to kick Batman's ass, there's a very good and clear reason.

I have no idea, by the way, why I'm hung up on time travel here, but I kind of hope Arkham Knight adds that extra layer of weirdness to its story.

Terry made his debut in the followup to Batman: The Animated Series defending a futuristic Gotham well after Bruce hung up the cowl and pretty much alienated everyone around him (and don't get me started on the mess that Joker-ized, poor Tim Drake becomes).

As with Damian, a versus match with the Batman would pit our hero against someone who knows everything about him. At the same time, there would be less of the moral gray area involved with Terry than there would be with Damian, who was always willing to pull the trigger if a villain got out of line.

If Batman knew that his new nemesis were someone that he trusted to train, what would he do?

2. Fake Thomas Wayne Might Want to Deliver a Bat-Family Smackdown


Or more precisely, the evil Dr. Simon Hurt, who attempted to dismantle Batman and Bruce Wayne mentally and existentially in the "Batman R.I.P." storyline.

As leader of the Black Glove and possibly-maybe Satan himself, Dr. Hurt set out to replace the Batman with a dark mirror image because, you know, reasons. Part of that involved posing as Thomas Wayne and returning to Gotham in order to ruin the name of that family and slowly drive Bruce crazy.

And it works! Dr. Hurt's manipulations in league with the criminal organization the Black Glove pushes Batman so far that he loses his mind only to retreat into a specially-created backup personality - the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh - to battle the members of the Black Glove until Bruce's personality was able to reset.

Maybe Dr. Hurt isn't under the cowl, but the narration in the first trailer tells us that the shadow of Thomas Wayne looms large. What if Dr. Hurt has deployed one of his evil Batmen upon Gotham in the guise of the Gotham Knight?

And would Batman be able to survive it?

1. The Joker Rises From the Grave


After the events of Arkham City, the Joker's dead - but that's never stopped him from getting close the the Batman as a fellow vigilante.

What if the Joker faked his death at the end of that game and has somehow come back to get revenge on Batman, whom he blamed for his very messy demise?

The Joker did the hero thing once upon a time in the pages of Batman and Robin as the famed mystery novelist and crimefighter Oberon Sexton (while also moonlighting as a serial killer taking out the Black Glove - guys, "Batman R.I.P." was complicated).

The Arkham Knight could be another Joker plot within a plot, a facade with which to bedevil the Batman before Joker decides to tilt the whole thing over and sign his work. Plus, it feels weird that the finale to the wildly popular Arkham games would come without some villainous grasp at immortality on the part of the Joker.

One way or another, we'll find out who's under the mask when Arkham Knight arrives on shelves October 14th.

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